From Vassal
Publisher Impact! Miniatures Era Fantasy
Year 2007 Topic Sports
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Elfballv5-1-3.vmod Module 9.85 MB 2016-10-1 3.0.x
Elfballv5-1-2.vmod Module 9.76 MB unknown 3.0.x
Elfballv5-1-1.vmod Module 9.76 MB unknown 3.0.x
Elfballv5-1.vmod Module 9.59 MB unknown 3.0.x
ElfBall Updated with Hotkeys 1.34 MB unknown unknown Tutorial Games and log files demonstrating the Elfball mod in detail. 2.69 MB unknown unknown
Elfball Support Some excell with the team images and lists, and the mugshots of the teams 407 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer unknown
Contributors brownrob, GrumpyGrizzly


Elfball is a game of fantasy rugby and field hockey with just a dash of total chaos. Plays fast and fun. Free rules (and wonderful miniatures) can be found at This is Version 4.x. It is "finished" and ready for league play. Make sure to download the Module and the Tutorial files.

1.0 to 2.0

Added a graphic to all playing pieces for easier distinction between position types adding in all special players (widowmaker, dryad, deadwood) added a different base color for all the different teams

1.0 to 2.0

fixed stats added in all player types (widowmaker, dryad, etc) fixed the elfball dice not having anything at position 4 trails are now invisible if the unit is not selected changed the facing arrow to show all three "forward facing" squares added in a "Down" and a "Dazed" state in the options menu (like for ball carrier) can now rotate the facing arrow Counter Clockwise and Clockwise from hotkey and menu Added Charts for all challenges added in a scatter dice and direction Change base stats

2.0 to 2.1

Added in an icon index with stat line for all positions Added a team list for each team (including icon list as well) Changed the way the stat line was being displayed on the pieces for clarity Players are no longer marked "moved". Using a large red hex outline (ctrl-A) to mark the last active player Added in a 4 dice challenge roller Dice rolls now add up total successes Ability to add up to 9 skills to a player and mark that they have skills (so opponent knows who to check out)

2.1 to 2.2

Sideline support (bribed ref, potions, etc) was added in as tokens Reference charts were added for all of the sideline support Reworked the method that skills are stored on a player. Uses a list and not a spreadsheet now. Changed to Pat's Valkryies, Gnome, and Blackrock Icons Removed stat text at the bottom and added an attribute window accessible on each player Added in book keeping buttons for Momentum. Made working Reroll buttons that track momemtum and perform the reroll Put Pat's icons on list pages

2.2 to 2.3

jog counter Added 5 and 6 challenge dice buttons. shrunk elf ball dice buttons, changed facing arrows, and dazed/down markers OK 2.3 is up I added in a Jog counter and also a constant display of Jog for your player, so if he has 5 Jog on his stat 5 green lights show, when you use the menu to move a player or declare a challenge that involves using a pace of Jog, then one of the green lights turns to white. When you declare a challenge, the tool will tell you how many dice you need to roll for the particular challenge I also tidied up the menu and have more submenus, I also deleted some buggy layer commands that had no real use

2.3 to 3.0

Linked the challenge dice to the challenge menu automating a huge part of the process of elf bowl

3.0 to 3.1

added a momemutem counter to the playing piece if they are the active player (red hex around them) added small yellow diamonds to represent skill points Made the facing arrows sleeker and more subtle Added a move guide for the hotkeys to the active player marker added a faceoff challenge added momemutum handling (adding, rerolls, and dash challenges) to the piece menu Icons for Deadlings and Samhaino are now in.

3.1.0 to 3.1.1:

Gnolls and Middle Kingdoms teams icons are in (except the cyclops) Experimental team: Kobolds in. Using pat's large field icons Optional Teams: Orcs and Ratmen have been added. Using pat's large field icons. Added team lists for Kobolds, Orcs, and Ratmen.

3.1.1 to 3.1.2:

Icon for the momemtum counter Added in a scoreboard Changed menu for Activate (Ctrl-A) to Activate/Deactivate Player for clarity Black outline added to sideline support tokens Middle Kingdoms, Black Widows, and Razor Back icons have been installed Home and away teams now have a different color "active player" marker. Removed the marker trail due to popular demand.

3.1.2 to 3.1.3:

Active player marker now toggles correctly and resets jog (by popular demand) can take up to 3 seconds with 20 players on the board

3.1.3 to 3.1.4:

A number of commands can not be used if the piece is not set as the active piece.

The football handling options have been installed: 1) CTRL-B is NOT a toggle any more. Use "scatter elfball" to scatter it off the player (SHIFT-S) 2) Player can now how many hexes the ball scatters 3) only one player may have the ball at a time. 4) if a player has the ball, the football is removed from the pitch 5) The ball can now be sent to the faceoff square 6) The football icon can now be interacted with (to scatter if needed) 7) Note there is no collission detection

Saracos icons and teamlist updated. Ice Troll updated

3.1.4 to 3.2

Calculates number of successes needed for a challange based upon facing of team-mates and opposing players, also upon exact conditions (moved over half hexes, etc) Challenges should display the number of dice to be rolled, then roll them, rather than the other way around (like before) Cleaned up language from the dice rolling and results Rework the ball scattering so it asks if they want it 1 or 1D6 hexes Fixed a bug where down/dazed reset when the player became active Pop-up occurs before the challenge dice are rolled for dramatic tension Timberline elves and Desert Dogs are now playable Removed the old overview icon (it was ugly and is now useless)

3.2 to 3.2.1

Removed success calculator due to speed concerns outline ball in yellow for clarity Sped up Active hex selection Sped up Ball carrier status

3.2.1 to 3.2.2

Dash challenges and Rerolls are now menu options that are disabled if there is not enough momentum Siringit roster is now playable Note: there is a team support menu that is not functional yet.

3.2.2 to 3.3

Dice rolling is now handled in a seperate window with full support for conditional successes, rerolls, and flop checking The value of the dice being rerolled and the dice that is the result of the reroll is displayed in the chat log Buttons for direct rolling of 1 to 6 dice challenges has been moved to a menu in the rolling area. Challenge messages updated to make sense with the new dice rolling window Most actions are about twice as fast as before. This is a combination of reworking the routines for speed and the reduction in programming due to having the dice rolling as a seperate window. A player who is dazed or down can no longer move or perform most challenges

Note: I have recieved some PMs asking why there are "*" appearing in the text display. This is due to the rolling of invisible dice. At current Vassal does not suppress output from dice. The developer has said that he'll look into it, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Note2: The Dice ROlling window will eventually be closeable. But as of now there is no way to check if it is open and to activate it if is closed. Once this is put into the vassal engine, or I learn some super secret trick, I have no choice. Note3: The Dice Rolling window is actually 7 Dice long, so scroll down if needed.

3.3 to 3.3.1

Pharohs are now playable. All core rule teams are now playable.
Voodoo Tribes (Experimental Team) is now avaliable.
A picture with all offical teams is now accessible. This mugshot is found on the team list button.
Fixed some positioning problems in the dice window
Rewrote ball carrier routine for improved performance
Rewrote Activation Hex routine for improved performance.
Added a "Target Player Hex". This shows the stat line of the targeted player and puts crosshairs on them.
All Challenges now display the base number of success (as numbers or Stat-2). Math will be required :wink:
Hex Activation will turn off the target on moving team.
Corrected the typos on the team list pages
Reference pages added for wizards to team support
Fixed a bug in the dice roller when "done" was pressed.
The wizard and frog icon are avaliable under team support. They have no functionality at present.
Split Sideline support into home and away. This is in preperation for implimenting sideline support.

3.3.1 to 3.4

Please update your Vassal engine to the newest version 3.0.12 . This will remove the "*" that appear in the output window (all the time).

5.1.2 to 5.1.3

Updated module to the second edition rules. Detailed changes here. For purposes of the module:
1) Declaring a challenge no longer expends a point of jog.
2) Updated the Shove and Dash challenge tables.


1) Changed movement keys to be more intuitive (W,E,D,X,Z,A - no longer need to hold CTRL) and updated active hex markings.
2) Elfball outlined in yellow for clarity
3) Elfball now always shown on top of a player
4) Fixed a typo on the mugshot page (in 20pt bold :lol:)
5) Fixed problem with jog not resetting on activation.
6) Fixed a bug where a dazed player could pick up the ball.
7) Now uses correct Samhaino Deadwood
8) Players can now be moved to the Bench, Recovery, or Infirmary by menu commands 
9) Autodetection of scoring is now working. This will increase the score and reset all sideline staff that are once per test.
10) Added a button for randomly selecting a player (used for the wizard)
11) An Ejection indication was added. This comes on automatically when the player is ejected by the bribe the ref, but not when they go out of bounds with the ball. 
12) Elfball now scatters  when the player becomes dazed or down.
13) Rewrote all toggling routines (target, ball pickup, active player) for improved performance
14) Scattering the elfball routine is much faster
15) Kobold and Orc icons have been updated to Pat's newest. Corresponding teamlists are also updated.
16) Fixed problem with Siringit Team list not displaying the whole list.
17) The ball will scatter from a player if they are moved to bench, recovery, or infirmary by menu keys.
18) Replaced the D6 images with scans of IMPACT! black special D6 for flavor.
19) Added in an "inventory" button that brings up a list of all the pieces (player and support) on the field. It is sorted by team and the lists allow you to bring up that pieces menu.
20) Unpacked and removed all of the out of date image files. The mod now loads faster and is smaller.

Dice Rolling:

1) Dice rolling window now looks different than before. The buttons for rolling, rerolling, and Done, are now in the window itself as clickable buttons. This will hopefully make the rolling more intuitive and less clunky.
2) The rolling window will now close when the Done button is pressed and reopen when a challenge is pressed. Due to the toggle nature of the vassal code and window opening, a button was added to the main menu to open the dice rolling window. Make sure that the window is closed before beginning a challenge (or the challenge will close the window).The Results won't post until "Done" is pressed. So if you close the window accidently, simply open it again and press "Done".
3) The base number of successes needed and the challenge that is being rolled now appear in the window.
4) Flops should now report correctly which result in a SiM and Which do not.
5) Rewrote part of the dice rolling routine for increased performance (can be made faster still)
6) The dice will no longer move, but can still be used (so the "reset position" button has been removed).
7) Added in a keg button that will trigger one keg at a time from your supply and add successes to injury rolls. Use the kegs before pressing "done".
8) With keg support in the dice rolling window, the result of the injury roll will happen automatically. The player will suffer the correct effects. Simply delete the Injury token if you change your mind on the challenge.
9) Undo should work to bring back a player if they were not treated right on their injury roll (due to a skill).

Sideline Support:

1) Support staff icons from will always be shown on top of everything else  
2) All support staff tokens have been changed to one of Pat's icons.
3) Potions are fully implemented. Place potion over the target player and use it. Player will be moved as necessary and potion marked as used and sent back to the bench area. If the player gains or loses attributes the attribute window is open. if the player gains skills the skill counter will change appropriately and the skill window will open.
4) A player's "potion status" will be shown as a small icon over the player since it is only legal to use a potion on a player once per game (which has been implimented).
5) A button has been added to reset the sideline staff that is usable after a score.
6) Cheerleader is now fully supported. Will add 1 momentum, but not useable if someone has moved or if momentum is at a maximum. 
7) Bribed Ref is now fully supported. Move the ref onto the player that is breaking the rules and activate. Will automatically eject on a flop. 
8) Zlurpee Keg is now fully supported.Will add one success to an injury roll (Note: the challenge is  not checked, so it is possible to use it on the wrong challenge). 
9) All Team Support icons have a mugshot on the Team List page.
10) Wizard support has been added. He must be activated like a normal player in order to cast spells. Activating a spell will cause him to "spit" out a icon. Place the icon over the target and activate the target (right click or hit the hotkey).
11) Wizard spell "System Shock" has been impliment. It will roll the dice, and indicate what to do if it is flopped (hits your own bench)
12) Wizard spell "Transformation" is now working. This is a full implemtation. It checks the number of successes and will make the target player down, dazed, or frogged as is appropriate.  It Puts the player in "frog prison" until somebody scores.
13) Wizard spell inferno is now working. It is the most complicated action in the game. Activation of the inferno template will place small fireballs on the effected players. Activating these fireballs will start the inferno challenge. Player status will be handled automatically. A popup will come up warning of an injury challenge if needed. It does not do the injury challenge for you (due to performance issues). However, "Injury" does get written across the player for a reminder.

Help Files:

1) Added basic help file with all of the movement hotkeys
2) Help file for all of the challenge hotkeys
3) Uploaded a zip file with the excel file I use for generating team lists, and an wip for generating reference tables for all the challenges specific to two different selected teams.
4) Help page with all of the different layers defined (and hotkeys where appropriate)

Note: there is a bug in the potion routine that causes it to sometimes not trigger on a valid player. Just activate it again and it will work fine. I am trying to find and squash this bug, but it is proving difficult. Note2: Transformation assumes that you are targetting an opposing player. Note3: There are going to be bugs in this one. I have done my best. But there are over 300 internal key triggers (act a bit like a goto statement). So a small mistype and there is going to be problems. What I will need is if the player was active or not and what action/hot keys you were doing. Note4: there is a bug in the inferno resolution. Make sure that you've only got 1 fireball selected at a time on the player. For some reason it sometimes selects 2 at the beginning. Note5: My html is pretty lousy so the pages are definitely in a rough state. But some information now is better than pretty information at a later date

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