Module:Epic (Unpublished)

From Vassal
Publisher unknown Era unknown
Year unknown Topic Card Games
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 20 mins

Files and Module Information

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Epic_0_2.vmod Module 584 KB unknown unknown Austerity Austerity


A fast-paced comic-book type card game

Please e-mail me for information and/or times you might want to try it out with me.

mercurare (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I'm trying to balance test this game, rules and cards. I would appreciate the help! :)

The official rules are in the game mod file. The Vassal version of the game will support up to 6 players but currently only has the 2 player map installed. This is also not all of the cards in the Core set, it should be over 200 in the end phase.

This is designed as a TCG/CCG. To make a "deck" simply drag cards into the Powers pile. You can save and load decks from there. Draw cards into your "hand" window so opposing players don't see them.

Version History:


0.1: Original release (now removed from files)

0.2: Added new "Example" cards to help file as well as card list

Future Release Features (in no specific order):

1. Completed cardlist for Core set

2. New expansion "Clash"

3. New vassal specific "how to play" document

4. 3, 4, 5, and 6 player gameboards

5. Alphabetical card lists

6. Card Art? (I need artists! Contact me if interested)

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