Module:Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Ancient
Year 2016 Topic The Roman Empire
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length Medium Series GMT COIN Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
FallingSky_v3.vmod Module 12.69 MB 2020-10-24 3.3.1 Joel Toppen bdgza,Peter Wagner
FallingSky v2.24.vmod Module 12.68 MB 2020-07-14 3.3.1 Peter Wagner bdgza,Dulgin,Joel Toppen
FallingSky v2.23.vmod Module 13.23 MB 2017-07-09 3.2.17 bdgza Dulgin,Joel Toppen
FallingSky v2.22.vmod Module 13.2 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.17 Dulgin Joel Toppen
FallingSky v2.21.vmod Module 13.09 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.13 Joel Toppen
FallingSky v2.2.vmod Module 13.09 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.13 Joel Toppen
FallingSky v2.1.vmod Module 13.09 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.13 Joel Toppen
FallingSky v2.01.vmod Module 13.09 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.13 Joel Toppen

Module Information

Play By Email Note: There is a right-click function on Germanic pieces that allows you to mark them as having been enlisted by Belgic player. This does not change the dynamic control calculation, however. Right-click on Control markers allows you to place a temporary Belgic control marker to override the auto-control calculation.


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Changes in Version 3 (Joel Toppen) • Updated control automation to be compatible with VASSAL software version 3.4x.

Changes in Version 2.2.4 (Peter Wagner)

  • 2nd Printing cards have been implemented (5 cards in total)
  • 2nd Printing play aids have been implemented
  • Updated to Vassal version 3.3.1

Changes in Version 2.2.3 (bdgza)

  • When a card capability is activated:
    • the card title now retains the card number and header – the shaded/unshaded label is now suffix
    • the card title now also shows the activating faction – so it is shown in the log as well as graphically
  • Updated the included scenario setups for the card changes

Main changes in Version 2.2.2

  • Fixes Setup for Scenario 2 - Reconquest of the Gaul
  • Fixes Setup for Scenario 3 - Pax Gallica
  • Change marking card capabilities - now the faction take the capability is displayed on the card

Main changes in Version 2.2.1

  • Version 2.2.1 fixes that pesky RAZED marker once again. Hopefully for the last time!

Main changes in Version 2.2

  • Version 2.2 fixes the bug with the RAZED marker. Marker now correctly calculates Belgic victory by dropping population value in spaces into which it is placed. Only one marker can be placed.

Main changes in Version 2.1

  • Version 2.1 fixes the bug where Dispersed could not be placed in Suebi Tribe spaces in Germania as well as some minor reporting typos.

Module Instructions:

1. You will need to use VASSAL Engine version 3.3.1 or higher to use this module.

2. To create the deck, press the "Cards" button on the toolbar. Then press the deck creation button on the bottom of the Cards window that corresponds to the scenario you wish to play. The button will generate the deck which will appear on the bottom-left side of the main map screen. All unused cards are deleted as are the deck creation buttons.

3. A right-click on Population shields produces a menu to expedite placement of many game pieces.

4. Ally discs may only be placed by right-clicking on the Ally spaces on the map. These pieces are not movable in the game. The discs on Available Forces windows are graphic representations only, not actual pieces.

5. Citadel blocks may only be placed by right-clicking on the City spaces on the map. These pieces are not movable in the game. The blocks on Available Forces windows are graphic representations only, not actual pieces.

6. "Scouted" markers are built into warbands: First, flip the warband to revealed side (if not done so already); then the Scout right-click function is made accessible.

7. "Dispersed/Gathering" markers may be placed by right-clicking on Ally and City spaces. The module will not let you have more than 4 such markers in play at a time.

8. A special pieces tray has been made for the "Colony" event markers. Once these pieces are dragged onto the map, they cannot be moved. They may only be deleted.

9. In accordance with GMT's wishes, we will not be including the Solitaire game charts in the module. Thank you for understanding!

10. Control of spaces is managed dynamically as you move pieces the module will automatically calculate control.

11. To draw cards from the deck press the "Draw Card" button on the toolbar. Pressing this button will shift the card from the "Upcoming" slot to the "Current" slot on in the card play area on the left side of the main map window. Pressing the "End Card Play" button will discard the current card as well as rearrange the eligibility cylinders. I've made it so that you can also draw cards manually and still use the End Card Play buttons in the game.

12. Cards with Capability have a right-click function to mark the card as having shaded or unshaded capability.

13. Cards have a right-click function to mark the card as "Frost."

14. Ample space has been created around the perimeter of the map to lay cards that have Capability as reminders of their effects.

15. I do not intend to include an Overflow button. It is clunky and interferes with dynamic control calculation. If things get crowded, "wooden" pieces do stack atop one another. Double-click stacks to separate them.

16. The "Spring" button clears movement trails, removes Gathering, flips Dispersed, resets cylinders to hidden, and removes Scouted markers.

17. In the Pax Gallica scenario, the Arverni victory marker on the track shows "4" instead of "7." This is due to the three legions in the Harvest box of the Winter track. Scoring will be accurate once these three legions are placed during first Winter.


Known bugs with version 2.2.4

None yet.

© GMT Games 2016; Andrew and Volko Ruhnke Design

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