From Vassal
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2001 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Standard Combat Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
SCS-FJ_v1_35.vmod Module 5.41 MB 2021-11-27 3.5.8 Myk Deans
SCS-FJ_v1_34.vmod Module 5.58 MB 2021-05-16 3.4.13 Myk Deans kishel, Jeff Coyle, Greg Blanchett
SCS-FJ_v1_33.vmod Module 5.31 MB 2020-08-06 3.2.17 Myk Deans kishel, Jeff Coyle, Greg Blanchett
SCS-FJ_v1_32.vmod Module 5.3 MB 2019-02-11 3.2.17 Jeff Coyle kishel, Greg Blanchett
SCS-FJ_v1_31.vmod Module 5.26 MB 2018-01-18 3.2.17 Jeff Coyle kishel, Greg Blanchett
SCS-FJ_v1_3.vmod Module 5.13 MB 2015-03-15 3.2 Greg Blanchett kishel
FJ_v1_2.vmod Module 5.11 MB unknown unknown kishel
FJ_v1_0.vmod Module 5.04 MB unknown unknown kishel


With permission of MMP

Corrected spelling and slight functionality issues. - gb1469

Version 1.31

Fixed small counter and setup errors. Added graveyard windows. Added functions to reset AA Fired and remove Allied and German DGs.

Version 1.32

Corrections for scenarios 2 and 3. Provided by Steve Rowe.

Version 1.33

Added save of refreshed counters to implement v1.32 changes for scenario 5.3; added buttons to highlight Dutch/German Arty/AA units

Version 1.34

  • Zones added to all tracks for better reporting
  • Air units now have Holding Boxes and right-click options
  • Barrage, Air Land, and Scatter buttons added
  • End of Turn buttons added
  • Toolbar actions now in menus
  • Minor corrections to counters

Version 1.35

  • Validated for v3.5.8 and v3.6
  • End of Turn (EoT) buttons moved from Main Map toolbar to German/Allied Actions menus on Log toolbar
  • Added Module Notes to Help menu

Screen Shots


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