Module:Fighting Sail

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era 18th Century
Year 1981 Topic Naval
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Fighting Sail v1.11.vmod modules 13.44 MB 2021-03-23 3.2.17
Fighting Sail_0.7R.vmod modules 4.49 MB 2020-12-25 3.2.17
Fighting Sail_-_Rules.pdf rules 8.76 MB 2020-12-28
ShipList.pdf rules 26 KB 2020-12-28
FS_Extras_0.4.vmdx extension 4.61 MB 2023-05-02 3.2.17
Extra_Scenarios.pdf scenarios 1.61 MB 2020-12-28

Module Information

Maintainer Ian Clarence
Contributors Al Hay


- Originally appeared in S&T Magazine #85

Version 1.11

- Version 1.11 is from the Al Hay archive.

Version 0.7

Please note:

- This is not an earlier version of 1.11 (above). It is an entirely separate version originally based on a module by Nathan Mueller which has been graphically overhauled and functionally enhanced. See the module help file for details.

- Revisions have been made to several ship counters. Mainly, in the Lake Erie scenario, ships under 100 tons have been downgraded one rate. Details in ShipList.pdf (highlight indicates changed ships, new values in parentheses).

Extra Scenarios

- Extension FS_Extras_0.4.vmdx and file Extra_Scenarios.pdf contain 60 (sixty) new scenarios and several hundred new ships. These are entirely unofficial and have been created based on a number of detailed pages on Wikipedia relating to age of sail battles. They are mostly untested and some contain strange special rules - play at your own risk.

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