Module:Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683

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Fire and Stone Cover.jpg
Publisher Capstone Games Era Age of Reason
Year 2022 Topic Great Turkish War
Players 1-2 Scale Operational
Length 60-90 min

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Fire_and_Stone_v1.0.vmod module 18.29 MB 29-12-2023 3.7.5 Christian van Someren

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A 100,000-strong Ottoman army arrives outside the Habsburg capital of Vienna. Inside the city, 12,000 infantry, a city militia, and citizen-soldiers mount a desperate defense. As the Ottoman siege lines draw closer to the city walls, the outnumbered Viennese cling to the faint hope a relief force will arrive in time to save them. For both sides, the real battle is a race against time.

Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683 places you in one of the most dramatic sieges in history. With a completely different set of cards for each player, you will conduct deadly assaults against impenetrable fortifications, dig tunnels packed with explosives, and launch desperate attacks to delay your enemy's advance. Or you can play powerful events with the power to change the course of battle!

Play Notes:

To select Troops, right-click the appropriate deck and select the desired Troop cards (Troop cards are listed in order of strength). Troop cards are always drawn face-down, so do not worry about revealing them to your opponent. Drag and drop your Troop cards into the battle line to the right of the map when conducting battles.

If you need to draw random Troop cards, just drag and drop a card from the pile, one card will be chosen randomly.

When playing Tactics cards, be sure to flip them face-down before setting them out in the play area.

When rolling dice, just click the dice button and indicate the number of dice you want to roll. Roll results are automatically sorted from smallest to largest.

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