From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Modern Warfare
Year 1984 Topic Vietnam War
Players 1 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
FP_CA1_8.vmod Module 112.71 MB 3/1/2022 3.6.5
Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
FP_CA171.vmod Module 12.23 MB unknown unknown
FP_CA Revisions.txt Revision list 899 bytes unknown TXT
Firepower Excel Excel Tools 42 KB unknown XLS

Module Information

Maintainer Greg Amos
Contributors Greg Amos


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Many improvements, officially released now.

I am releasing this early to get an idea how you guys like my modifications. I want to give credit to the following groups for artwork I modified to use:

  1. VASL Map Cabal.

Used NEW GEO Pallete, some terrain tiles, and modified some of the VASL pieces to create my soldiers and LCW pieces.

  1. The CAMO Workshop:

I modified some of their SHP files from SPWW2 and WINSPMBT to create my Vehicle pieces.

  1. Avalon Hill and Yaquinto

for their great games which are the basis (of course) for this mod.

  1. Larry Shanahan

for help with various piece definitions.

Terrain modification in the maps are as follows:

  1. Scrub:
Board 1- hex F3, no longer dark green hexes
  1. Rough:
Board 1 -hex G9
Board 1- hex G9(darker green, VASL level -1)
  1. Height 1:
Board 1 -hex G5
  1. Height 2 etc,

are the increasing darkness of brown

  1. Hex K1

represents the brown hexes on the original board to be used as scenarios dictate for terrain use terrain tiles to change)

My terrain files don't always line up exactly. I will work on that as time permits. They are better than saying "all roads are open ground for this scanrio", etc. Terrain tiles once on map can only be selected by using holding the shift key and clicking. 2nd floor buildings can be placed on the Holding card map. All terrain tiles can be labeled (or should be able to if I did everything right). Right click everything and explore.

Game should be playable as is, though I still need to add soldier, ordnance, and vehicle lists for the added countries in close assault.

All close Assault vehicle and weapons charts were modified to fit the Firepower format better. Close Assault vehicle charts were created by me referring to Firepower, Close Assault, ASL, SPWW2, books, and the internet. They are my creations and if you prefer to use the original chart, feel free to. I will not include them as mine were lost.

1/19/2022 Added the following supporting documents for the Close Assault Variant: Supporting This file contains the following: Custom scenario maker (excel)- tool for Random terrain piece placement,(Once for each board used!), and a points calculator for new squads using the custom equipment charts. Country List.Pdf - Updated Country Equipment Lists for the custom Equipment New Squad Lists.pdf - Some sample squads of countries added. These can be made from any WW2 Battle order or TOE. Scenarios.pdf - All original scenarios converted to the new Equipment lists. Points based on 5 turns. 7 WW2 Equipment Lists for the vehicles included.

3/1/2022 Converted all counters to rounded corners with 3D shading.

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