Module:First Blood: The Guadalcanal Campaign

From Vassal
Publisher The Avalon Hill Intercontinental Kriegspiel Society Era WWII
Year 1991 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length medium

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FirstBlood-1.0.vmod module 5.35 MB 3.6 Christian Holm Christensen

Change Log

  • Version 1.0
    • First upload of this module


This is a module of The Avalon Hill Intercontinental Kriegspiel Society's game First Blood - The Guadacanal Campaign. The original game as published in Kommandeur Vol. 26, No. 6 in 1991, and has since been made available from


  • Use the turn track in the menu bar. It implements some automatic actions, and progresses the turn marker along the turn track.
  • The rules are available, as a PDF, through the Help menu.
  • See also More information in the Help menu.
  • Run the tutorial


This module is based on my version of the game (sources available from this site). This version a revamp of the original, including new text and graphics, written in LaTeX using wargame package. This package supports generating a (draft) VASSAL module from the same sources as the Print'n'Play PDF.


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