Module:Flight Leader

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Modern Warfare
Year 1986 Topic Air Combat
Players 2 to 8 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Flight Leader v2.27.vmod Based in the 2.26 version including new aircraft and counter improved artwork by Edmund Hon (Taskforce 58) 19.32 MB 2023-05-26 3.6.7+
Flight Leader v2.26.vmod Complete Module including Umpired Game 9.41 MB 2012-06-10 unknown
Flight Leader v2.25.vmod Complete Module including Umpired Game 9.4 MB 2011-04-09 unknown
Flight Leader v2.2.vmod Complete Module including Umpired Game 9.39 MB 2010-07-20 unknown
FlightLeader.vmod Module 5.99 MB unknown unknown Scenario Pack 201 KB unknown unknown
ScenarioPack_ReadMe.txt ReadMe for the Scenario Packs (included in both zipfiles). 4 KB unknown unknown
Blind 1.1
FlightLeader_blind.vmod Module 6.12 MB unknown unknown Scenario Pack 257 KB unknown unknown
Blind_Addendum.txt Addendum to the ReadMe.txt file for the blind version of the module. Please download and read BOTH this file AND ReadMe.txt prior to playing. 8 KB unknown unknown
ReadMe.txt Please download and read. File contains important tips and information for BOTH Standard and Umpired Game modules. 7 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Richz99
Contributors Richz99, krazykiter


Module for Avalon Hill's Flight Leader. Air-to-air combat in the jet age.

This module was originally created by "Larry S" in Oct 2007. It has since been maintained by Rich Lee (Richz99) and updated to version 2.25.

The current version includes additional aircraft from The General Vol 23, as well as original aircraft that were simply missing from the original offering. Also included are new missile overlays, aircraft and missile information charts, and the blind umpired Optional Rules (16.2) have been incorporated into the standard Module.

I've retained the original Flight Leader module files here in deference to Larry.

This module contains counters for many of the variant aircraft in the Aircraft Information Lists plus additional enhancements not a part of the original game.

There are two versions of the module: The Standard Game version and a "double-blind" version for use with Optional Rule 16.2, The Umpired Game.

Two Scenario Packs, one for each version of the module, contain start files for all Section 24.0 and 25.0 scenarios from the Flight Leader rulebook.

2007-10-08: Version 1.1

-Released blind version for use with rule 16.2, the Umpired Game. The letter "u" has been appended to version number.

-Standard module updated to version 1.1 to make gameplay as consistent as possible between Standard Game and Umpired Game modules.

-The version number has been removed from the module filename in response to a helpful suggestion from a player.

Changes for Flight Leader v1.1:

-The "Change Callsign" and "Change ID" commands are now grouped into a sub-menu called Setup.

-Status Card windows are now Private Windows visible to all players to prevent unauthorized changes by others. NOTE: Due to an apparent bug in VASSAL 2.9.9, free rotation does not appear to work correctly in private windows.

-Aircraft, Bogey and Missile counters now have expanded keyboard movement controls. Players can use several different key combinations to turn the counters and move them forward: Ctrl- F, W, or Up arrow = Move forward Ctrl- L, A, or Left Arrow = Turn L Ctrl- R, D, or Right Arrow = TUrn R

-Note that the hotkey for Delete is CTRL-SHIFT-D for all pieces.

-Several new variant aircraft counters have been added for use in the Scenario Packs.

-Corrected the MiG-23E counter due to an error in the original Flight Leader manual.

-"Does Not Stack" property has been removed from many Game Markers and to make it easier to view them on the Turn Record Card. Stacking has been enabled on the Turn Record Card as well.

-Released two Scenario Packs - one for Standard module, one for Umpired module - with saved game start files of all Flight Leader Scenarios.


Initial 1.0 release.

Notes about the 2.27 version: This version is based on the 2.26 and adds the counters with improved artwork based on the Edmund Hon´s Flight leader counters from BGG (; also includes some optional aircraft with variable geometry. Thanks to Edmund Hon for grant permission to include their counters in VASSAL.

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