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Publisher GMT Games Era Ancient
Year 1991 Topic Wargame
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length Various Series Great Battles of History Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GBoH Interactive Map1_4.vmod Module 2.52 MB 2022-10-23 3.6.7 clanmacrae9


  • About the GBoH Interactive Map Version 1.4 module by clanmacrae9:
    • The version 1.4 of the GBoH Interactive Map contains a one major and one minor improvement
      • Fixed the filter errors for several of the filter options
      • Added the 13th Century AD option to the Era filter
  • About the GBoH Interactive Map Version 1.3 module by clanmacrae9:
    • The version 1.3 of the GBoH Interactive Map contains several Key improvements
      • A smaller memory footprint so you can zoom in closer to the map
      • Fixed the C3i scenarios to work with the C3i individual volume buttons
      • Added the remaining C3i scenarios through volume 35
      • Added the Great Battles of Julius Caesar Deluxe Edition and its scenarios
  • About the GBoH Interactive Map Version 1.1 module by clanmacrae9:
    • The version 1.1 of the GBoH Interactive Map contains a much improved map, at least in terms of overall appearance. I caution users however, don't get too lost in the detail on the map. This is more of a Picasso, and less a Rembrandt in terms of realism and accuracy. The map includes most of the important regions, water areas and cities, but there are admittedly more omissions.
    • The map is anachronistic to say the least. The GBoH system covers a mere 5 Millenia...let that soak in for a minute. There are 3,952 years between the Battle of Sumer and the Battle of Lutzen. Accomplishing that under one general rule system is quite an accomplishment. Getting the map labeled to cover that many years is improbable so it is generally aimed at the SPQR-Caesar years of the Roman Republic. Likewise the map covers Europe and Asia so the titles from Japan use the titles as they appear on the Samurai and Ran gameboxes.
    • I trimmed down the overall map size because it was approaching a strain on the Vassal software.
    • The gameboxes and C3i covers have been improved and appear when selected.
    • I added three menu buttons that allow users to select all of the C3i magazines individually to reveal the scenarios included in each issue.
    • I added a couple of scenarios missed in the first go around. Hopefully I have all the scenarios now.
  • About the GBoH Interactive Map Version 1.0 module by clanmacrae9:
    • This is not a game module. It is instead an interactive map that for the first time ever (I believe) allows fans of the GBoH series to view all of the scenarios for the entire series on one map.
    • To use the interactive map, simply start the module as if you were beginning a game. You may select any of the game boxes to see which scenarios belong to that game box or any of the associated versions, modules or C3I scenarios for that game box. To clear those battles, deselect the game boxes that you have chosen or you can always select clear all.
    • Additionally you may select any of the categories to see any of the battles that are associated by category that may exist across the various game boxes. I have attempted to have a little fun with this as you will see and there is room for expanded categories as I improve the module.
    • The Select All button, illustrates all of the GBoH scenarios and Clear All clears any or all battles that are illustrated.
    • This is module version 1.0 and is mostly complete but still has some omissions that will be improved in future updates. Also I am claiming that "All" GBoH modules are listed, however, that is probably not true due to the various number and location of GBoH modules that exist. I of course intend to add any missed or new modules as they become apparent to me.

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