Module:Gears of War: The Board Game

From Vassal
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 4 Scale Miniatures
Length 180 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Gears_of_War_2.0.vmod module 32.13 MB 2020-01-28 3.2.17
Gears_of_War_-_Updated_with_5_Custom_COGs_and_one_Custom_mission.vmod module 50.66 MB 2015-04-09 3.2.2
Gears of War.vmod module 43.02 MB 2013-02-05 3.2.2
Missions.vmdx extension 23 KB 2013-02-05 3.2.2

Module Information

Maintainer Anyone
Contributors ND3G, Clegood


Version 2.0 of this module includes all the components.

Version 1.1 includes all of 1.0 but adds 5 custom characters - Benjamin and Clayton Carmine, Samantha Byrne, Sofia Hendrik and Tai Kaliso - a custom mission "The Assault" - and all of the enemy cards. Characters where made by Alisson Silva at Mission was made by Bobbypen at

Version 1.0 of this module includes all the components required to play the 'Belly of the Beast' mission. The mission cards and enemy character cards required for the other missions are not included.

I have no plans to release updates to this module. I invite others to post updates and/or modifications as they see fit.

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