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Publisher Avalon Hill Era Gunpowder
Year 1958 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 180

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Gettysburg64_1_0_1.vmod module 9.73 MB 2022-10-10 3.6.7 Harald Fair Steve1501
gettysburg_64_0.5.vmod module 12.6 MB 2014-06-28 3.2.11 Stephen Oliver Geof Gibson
gettysburg_64_0.4.vmod module 10.29 MB 2014-06-24 3.2.11 Stephen Oliver Geof Gibson
gettysburg_64_0.3.vmod module 9.23 MB 2013-09-02 3.2.8 Geof Gibson
gettysburg_64_0.2.vmod module 8.73 MB 2013-08-31 3.2.8 Geof Gibson


v1.01 Update

  • Unit size symbology corrected for all three setups

v1.0 Rebuild

  • Sandbox - Virtually every element can now be changed in-game
    • Players without Vassal design knowledge can make their own version of Gettysburg'64
    • Robust messaging shows highlighted warning when change is made in-game
  • Terrain Overlay (transparent) can be used to clarify terrain status of map squares
  • Combat Results Table cells can be modified in-game
  • Units of all types can be created and changed
    • Commander names can be changed in-game
    • Unit size can be changed in-game
    • Combat/Movement values can be changed in-game
    • Units can accommodate up to three values if desired
  • Order Of Arrival Charts can be changed in-game
  • Stylized pointers/notes available for each board
  • much more

0.5 - Removed snap to map grid, increased map size slightly, made combat strength on pieces larger, and added red movement icon to mark when moved.

0.4 - Made all pieces have 8 facings instead of 6 or 12. Enlarged CRT and made slight adjustments to map performance.

0.3 - Added HTML help file of Battle Manual. Added plain text quick start. Added entrenchment counters. Removed delete trait from combat units and fully implemented graveyard.

0.2 - Original upload. Started life as Gettysburg '58 and finally became Gettysburg '64.

Screen Shots


  • Geof Gibson
  • akulkis00
  • Steve1501