Module:Ghost Stories

From Vassal
Publisher Asmodee Era Fantasy
Year 2008 Topic Horror
Players 1 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 60 min Series Ghost Stories

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GhostStories_119.vmod Module 12.88 MB 2011-09-20 unknown LordRaidor waddball
GhostStories_118.vmod Module 11.79 MB unknown unknown waddball
GhostStories_117.vmod Module 11.9 MB unknown unknown waddball


Versions include expansions

v1.19 - A few minor bug fixes (infinite Tao stock glitch, 'Uncatchable' now discardable). Altered layout to accomodate Shadow Swords (unofficial 5-8 player expansion). Full credit due to waddball for his original efforts - 98% of this module is still his work. [-LordRaidor-]

v1.18 - Added Jean Claude Van Rice. Added "highlight" function to show the current turn (very handy if playing solo).

v1.17 - Fixed bug where Ma-Cho family was showing up incorrectly. Fixed bug with deck creation bias (small, but...fixed). Added smalll "quick start" guide for those new to the mod. Cleaned up some menus.

v1.16 - Added Village People and Crazy Shaman card. Cleaned up some logging.

v1.15 - Added many improvements. You can play with or without White Moon and other expansions. Better logging and automation.

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