Module:Great Battles of Julius Caesar: Deluxe Edition

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Ancient
Year 2022 Topic The Roman Empire
Players 1 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length 1-8 Hours Series Great Battles of History Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GBoJCDE_1_3.vmod Module 48.57 MB 2023-12-10 3.7.5 clanmacrae9
GBoJCDE User Manual.pdf User's Manual 2.23 MB 2022-08-09 PDF clanmacrae9

Change Log

GBoJCDE 1.3 Version features (12/10/2023)

  • Added GBoJCDE Rule Book to the Help Menu
  • Added HTML link to the Great Battles of Caesar Deluxe Page directly
  • Added GMT Button to the Menu with a link to Great Battles of Caesar Deluxe Page entering into the chat
  • Fixed the +/- function to the Rout Point Adjusters on the Rout Point Display so that adding Rout Points subtracts from the Rout Points Remaining total correctly instead of opposition which it did prior to this fix
  • Fixed the Rout Point display for the Bibracte Scenario

GBoJCDE 1.2 Version features (8/28/2022)

  • Added GBoJCDE Vassal Manual to the Help Menu
  • Fixed Command Range issue for all leaders
  • Added Orders Range option to all Tribal leaders

GBoJCDE 1.1 Version features (8/13/2022)

  • Fixes Tribune Leaders Active/Finished Flip action when Flip/Remove button is selected.

GBoJCDE 1.0 Version features (8/12/2022)

  • Version 1.0 Attributes
    • Contains all of the scenarios printed in the physical game
    • Includes the alternate versions of the scenarios as presented in the scenario book
    • Setup maps for reference
    • Sequence of Play chart
    • Plastic Tray board for placement of units out of play/awaiting entry
    • 1d10
    • Leader Board to track leader initiative and command responsibilities
    • Automated Rout Point Tracker
    • Scenario specific Rout Point Tracker overlays for the Victory Point scenarios
    • Pre-loaded tutorials logfiles of examples from the rule book
    • Units have options for:
      • All applicable informational counters
      • Missile command range overlay
      • Shock target indicator
      • Hit point incrementor
      • Border highlighter to assist in identifying or grouping units
      • "Send to" commands to send units to their correct location on the Scenario Unit Withdrawal Levels board


Vassal Module for GMT Games Great Battles of Julius Caesar Deluxe Edition

We are proud to bring back in print two classic Great Battles of History titles in a deluxe treatment (like we did with Great Battles of Alexander and SPQR). Great Battles of Julius Caesar combines Caesar: The Civil Wars, published in 1994, and Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, published in 1996 and reprinted in 2006, into a single package along with the battles that were published as separate modules.

Great Battles of Julius Caesar will have a single rulebook brought up to the production standards of the latest GBoH titles, written so that all the land battles in the original games can be played from single rule book. The one naval battle has its own rule book.

The scenario book features 20 (!!) battles presented in a chronological order that traces the evolution of the Roman military system from early battles against various foreign foes, Caesar’s wars in Gaul followed by Caesar’s wars against his Roman rivals, and culminating with the Roman invasion of Britain a century later.

—description from the publisher

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