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Greenland 3rdEditionCover.jpg
Publisher Sierra Madre Games Era Medieval
Year 2014 Topic Economic
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length 120 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
3rd Edition
Greenland_3.2.vmod Module 4.73 MB 2020-04-03 3.2.17 Stefano Tine' Alessandro Crespi
2nd Edition with Sea Sami expansion
Greenland_2.1.vmod Module 4.59 MB 2016-12-21 3.2.16 Stefano Tine'
1st Edition
Greenland.v1.0.vmod Module 18.48 MB 2014-07-14 3.2.11 Stefano Tine'


Greenland by Phil Eklund (SMG, 2014). Greenland 2nd edition with Sea Sami expansion by Phil Eklund (SMG, 2015). Greenland 3rd edition by Phil Eklund (SMG, 2018). Published with permission.

Release Notes:

version 1.0 released on 14 July 2014, for original Greenland edition.

version 2.0 released on 29 November 2015, for Greenland 2nd Edition with Sea Sami expansion

version 2.1 released on 21 December 2016, with some bug fixes and improvements, see File:Greenland 2.1 release notes.txt.

version 3.0 released on 14 January 2019, for Greenland 3rd Edition

version 3.1 released on 28 February 2020, with Skill Tracking functionality, toolbar icons, Trophys area and revised tribesmen/Valhalla functionality

version 3.2 released on 3 April 2020, with a fix for the missing Valhalla tribesmen

Please check the HELP/READ ME window in the module for detailed instructions. Also look for the dedicated threads on the Greenland 3rd Edition forum on

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