Module:Guild Ball

From Vassal
Publisher Steamforged Games Ltd. Era Fantasy
Year 2015 Topic Sports
Players 2 to 2 Scale Miniatures
Length 1 Hour


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
GB8.5.vmod module 67.17 MB 2020-04-21 3.2.16 control reference 6 KB 2016-05-11 GB7
GB7.vmod module 57.65 MB 2017-03-28 3.2.16
GB6-6.vmod module 52.48 MB 2017-03-28 3.2.16
GB6-5.vmod module 51.83 MB 2017-02-27 3.2.16
GB6-4.vmod module 50.67 MB 2017-01-24 3.2.16
GB6-1.vmod module 50.08 MB 2016-11-29 3.2.16
GB6.vmod module 49.96 MB 2016-11-28 3.2.16
GB5-2.vmod module 54.13 MB 2016-05-11 3.2.16
GB5-1.vmod module 53.87 MB 2016-04-24 3.2.16
GB5.vmod module 53.85 MB 2016-04-22 3.2.16
GB4.65.vmod module 43.73 MB 2016-03-31 3.2.15
GB4.64a.vmod module 33.78 MB 2016-03-03 3.2.15
GB4.64.vmod module 33.77 MB 2016-03-01 3.2.15
GB4.63a.vmod module 30.46 MB 2016-02-05 3.2.15
GB4.63.vmod module 30.46 MB 2016-02-04 3.2.15 control reference 6 KB 2015-04-13 GB4.63
GB4.62.vmod module 29.4 MB 2015-11-16 3.2.15
GB4.61.vmod module 29.01 MB 2015-11-05 3.2.15
GB4.6.vmod module 28.42 MB 2015-10-24 3.2.15
GB4.56.vmod module 27.14 MB 2015-04-17 3.2.15
GB4.55.vmod module 26.45 MB 2015-04-13 3.2.15
GB4.54.vmod module 24.21 MB 2015-04-10 3.2.15
GB4.53.vmod module 24.17 MB 2015-03-26 3.2.15
GB4.52.vmod module 24.18 MB 2015-03-26 3.2.15
GB4.51.vmod module 24.17 MB 2015-03-18 3.2.15
GB4.5.vmod module 24.17 MB 2015-03-13 3.2.15
GB2.041.vmod module 26.4 MB 2014-08-17 3.2.13
GB2.04.vmod module 26.38 MB 2014-08-15 3.2.13
GB2.03.vmod module 25.72 MB 2014-08-13 3.2.13
GB2.02.vmod module 25.11 MB 2014-08-02 3.2.13
GB2.01x8.vmod module 23.42 MB 2014-07-22 3.2.13

Module Information

Maintainer Ratty
Contributors Gary and Veronica Amoe


GB6.6 - Minor Update

  • Added Seasoned Brisket, Crucible & Locus.
  • Added tokens for new Characters

GB6.5 - Minor Update

  • Added Brainpan & Memory, Vet Ox and Hag.
  • Combined benched models into a single tag (Brainpan & Memory, Avarisse & Greede)
  • Added Rowdy token

GB6.4 - Major Update

  • Changed how Statistics Window works, no longer seperate window for each player, just a single window that detects which user is using it, also can be used by Observers
  • Added Granite and Pint Pot
  • Added Tokens for Granite and Pint Pot including Six Pack Token that counts down from 6.

GB6.1 - Minor Update

  • The stored games were locked to me in v6, v6.1 should fix this issue for the New Game and Setup 1-6
  • Vet Harmony is now affected by Honours Legendary.
  • Fixed Cards for Spigot.

GB6 - Major Update

  • Updated for the new Season 3 cards
  • Modified Characters
  • Rebuilt Icy Sponge
  • Rebuilt Score Counter for Mascots
  • Went through and changed tokens where necessary
  • Added Season 3 Plot cards

GB5.2 - Minor Update

  • Updated Reference cards to Season 2
  • Fixed mistypes in Plot Cards
  • Added Sponsorship Tokens

GB5 - Major Update

  • Brought up to date for the Season 2 book

GB4.65 - Major Update

  • Added Smoke, Hammer, Fillet and Scalpel
  • Replaced all Auras
  • Added Ctrl + . command to clear all auras
  • Added New AoE Templates for Bleed and Ghostly Visage

GB4.64a - Minor Update

  • Fixed Pin Vice's starting wounds and Chisel's Melee Range.

GB4.64 - Minor Update

  • Added Captain Rage and Pin Vice.
  • Updated all cards with Season II versions.

GB4.63a - Minor Update

  • Fixed Harry's card

GB4.63 - Minor Update

  • Added Corsair, Esters, Venin and Hoist
  • Added Tokens for new Characters, and True Replication to Alchemist Palette

GB4.62 - Minor Update

  • Added Mash and Bonesaw
  • Added Second Wind to Engineer Token Set

GB4.61 - Minor Update

  • Added Harry 'the Hat'
  • Added 2 missing tokens
  • Lightened opacity on AoE Rough Ground
  • Updated Plot Don't Touch the Hair
  • Added new Reference Card

GB4.6 - Main Release Build

  • Updated all cards to match new Errata
  • Added first four Season II players

GB4.5 - Main Release Build

This is the final-release Vassal module for Guild Ball. The module fully supports the final released version of the rules. The full rule set and much more information about the game can be found at GUILD BALL

The module was rebuilt for version 4.5 help it run faster and bring it in line with the released rule-set. Some old functionality was removed such as automatically working out Influence pools at the start of turn, this was causing the whole module to feel slow and clunky.

  • The Reference window were rebuilt to make use of the official card artwork and I also built some Quick Reference Sheets which can be accessed through it.
  • Players and Ball rebuilt to match new rules. All Scatter is now on the ball as only the ball scatters in the final version of the game. Players were updated to include Taken-Out and Icy-Sponge markers.
  • VP marker replaced the old Influence markers of yester year.
  • I've also used this rebuild as a chance to put in a 3v3 mode with a 2'x2' board, this includes the 6 demo versions of characters which can be found at the bottom of the Home and Visiting Rosters in the Demo Team pulldown.

GB4.51 - Minor Update

  • I had originally removed the Taken-Out condition from the Demo Models, but it turns out that there are a lot of functions that rely on it that, so don't work if it's missing (the most important being influence). So I've added it back
  • When you rolled for initiative it cleared your MP. Which is fine unless you both roll the same total. So I've combined both rolls together into a single button push and set it to reroll if both sides roll the same total. It only clears the MP when one side wins initiative. Once that was in place it felt pointless keeping the New Turn and Initiative rolls seperate so they are all now a single button press.
  • The little (s) that shows a model is the Starter version not the Main version was covering up some of the influence so I shifted it a pixel or 2.

GB4.52 - Minor Update

  • Updated graphics for Kick Scatter. Added Ball-path to make it easier to work out interception modifiers, and longer easier to see trail to make it easier to line up with kicker.
  • Extended 1 line on Standard Scatter to make it easier to line up with the Goal
  • Added Clone to models and ball as some people prefer to clone a piece when there is a tricky move, so they can use the original model as a reference point.

GB4.53 - Minor Update

  • It was hard to select players totally under templates, so have added a small handle in the center to move them. This means that clicking anywhere else on the Template will select models under it
  • Changed all tape measures to persistent, due to request

GB4.54 - Major Update

OK a lot of changes under the bonnet on this one, but you won't really see them. It should make it much easier for me to manage changes to characters so all good.

  1. Added "Show Travel Path" on players [Ctrl+E]. This brings up a trail similar to the ball trail which shows the path the model will take if it moves in a straight line. It's really useful to check if charges will take you through other models melee zones, or to check if you will clear a piece of terrain.
  2. Increase the size of the Wound text. I've spent ages trying out lots of different fonts, and I think I've found one which is much more readable without taking up a huge amount more room. I've also went into each character and entered the info for their Icy Sponge levels, this has allowed me to make the Wound number glow blue when it's at an Icy Sponge level, which should help speed up models coming back onto the pitch. You look at the number of Icy Sponge tokens and then [Ctrl+NumPlus] till you hit the right Wound value. Also as this info is in, I've now set it so models who can't come back in don't have Icy Sponge counters.
  3. Fixed Fangtooth's Max-INF.
  4. Fixed Honours Legendary Play so she gets the influence bonus as she is in the pulse.
  5. Horizontal scroll bar on main screen should now show if you have a smaller screen.

Control Changes

I've moved a few items in the menus, Kick Scatter Template and Standard Scatter Template are now in the Scatter pull down rather than core. Some people were also having some issues due to the dice rolling being on the numbers and key strokes without a Ctrl, Shift or Alt modifier.

  • Free Rotate now has an alternative keystroke on [Ctrl+T] for keyboards without [End]
  • Melee Zone is now on [Ctrl+Q]
  • Player special abilities are now on [Ctrl+W], [Ctrl+Alt+W], [Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W]
  • Dice rolls are now on [Ctr+F1] - [Ctrl+F10] & [Ctrl+Alt+F1] - [Ctrl+Alt+F12], which means they now match closer to the Auras which are on [Ctr+1] - *[Ctrl+0] & [Ctrl+Alt+1] - [Ctrl+Alt+0]

GB4.55 - Minor Update

  • Added Coloured border to show which team you are logged in as.
  • Added Token Sets for each of the Guilds. These contain all common ongoing effects
  • Updated Quick Reference sheets.

GB4.56 - Minor Update

The aim of this update is mainly to fix a few errors, though I have went in and altered the graphics on a lot of the Trait and Play auras. These are normally up for a while so I thought having something that makes them more distinct than the auras which you use to measure, tells you which aura you have up and also doesn't obstruct play as much felt a good idea.

  • Added [Ctrl+D] to center ball on Goal.
  • Added Confidence to Morticians Token Set
  • Fixed Starting Wounds on Jac
  • Added Melee Range to Vitriol
  • Fixed Melee Range on Gutter
  • Fixed Melee Range on Coin
  • Removed Flurry from Ballista as it should be on target not him
  • Fixed Menu on Fangtooth
  • Added new graphics to all Trait and Play Auras.

Screen Shots