From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era American West
Year 1982 Topic Dueling
Players 1 to 7 Scale Tactical
Length Short

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1.3.2 Spanish Edition
Gunslinger_Español_v_1.3.2.vmod Module 106.03 MB 2021-08-04 3.5.8 Hector Caraballo
Vassal_Gunslinger_Español_v1.3.pdf Help File 2.29 MB PDF Hector Caraballo
Gunslinger_v_1.8.4.vmod Module 132.8 MB 2021-04-05 3.4 Dave Conn
Gunslinger_v_1.6.0_2020.vmod Module 14.72 MB 2020-11-24 3.4 Asher Diamant
Gunslinger_v_1.5.3.vmod Module 25.65 MB 2021-03-11 3.2.17 Razor
Gunslinger_v_1.5.2.vmod Module 14.51 MB 2021-01-04 3.2.17 Ian Clarence
Gunslinger v 1.5 2017.vmod Module 15.1 MB 2017-03-10 Tom Cundiff matin.moser
Gunslinger v1.5 2017 Map Additions.vmdx Extension 70 MB 2017-03-10 Tom Cundiff
Gunslinger Demo v1.5 2017.vsav Save Game Demo 6 KB 2017-03-10 Tom Cundiff
New Gunslinger Mod v 1.5 2017 Instructions.pdf Help File 5 KB 2017-03-10 Tom Cundiff
Gunslinger.vmod Module 14.75 MB matin.moser matin.moser
GunslingerUserManual.pdf Help File 1.38 MB PDF matin.moser matin.moser


Spanish version

Based on English version from Martin Moser, although it is completely different.

-It is translated into the Spanish from Spain.

-It includes the description and display of characters, cards and weapons of the 26 scenarios of the original game, translated into Spanish.

-Renewed graphic design of both counters and cards. The only designs that remains from the original Avalon Hill game are on the game boards. These have been designed by the community of the Gunslinger game that can be found in the BGG website: Yukarija, Carl Roberts, George Mendoza, Jesús Caraballo and Héctor Caraballo.

-The firearms in this module include information not only from the original game rules, but also from the optional rules published by Avalon Hill in their magazine "The General" in September-October 1982 (Volume 19, number 3), on pages 12, 13, 46, 50, 51 and 52.

-The legend sheets are now separated in different windows. The values of the character's name, resistance, delays and permanent wounds are indicated numerically and can be modified from the character sheet itself (for permanent wounds) or from the character's token (for resistance points and delay points).

-Aim points are indicated with a marker that has the name of the character who is aiming.

-The elevation levels include a blank level, for purely aesthetic reasons.

-Each one of the seven players can only manipulate and move their own tokens, cards and bonus cards. A player, therefore, may not move another player's tokens and cards.

-All cards and tokens have an option to remove them from the game. This is important in the case of bonus cards, in order to avoid duplicates.

Notes on Version 1.3.2

-Added Summary of combat chart.

-Changes in some translated words in result cards and charts: Side hit = "Superficial", Light wound = "Leve", Gunbelt = "Canana".

-Changes in the translations in some showdowns.

Notes on Version 1.3.0

-Resized action cards and corrected some typos. Now the text is easier to read.

Notes on Version 1.2.0

-Added End turn button, which automatically update delay points on every character and moves forward turn marker.

-Updated End turn icon.

-Added sound effects on some buttons: Change side, End turn and Results & turns buttons.

-Added shortcuts to delay, aim, head and endurance points.

-Corrected report messages for some actions.

-Corrected minor bugs.

Notes on Version 1.1.0

-Renewed result cards. Now they are much bigger.

-Added segment control indicator.

-Changes on turn and result cards board, with the addition of a legend chart explaining result cards.

-Removed character indicator tokens, as they are not needed any longer. You can instead add character tokens.

-Whenever a player adds a character token into his or her legend sheet then the endurance and bonus points of that character are updated and shown in the legend sheet: endurance, bonus cards, melee, gun & other hand's bonus.

-Corrected minor bugs.

Notes on Version 1.0.5

-Added help charts button: Impact table, Striking table, Melee weapons, Movement and Aiming costs, all translated to Spanish.

Skirmish Wargaming in the Wild West

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By way of background, these changes to the GS module came about as a result of a Gunslinger role-playing campaign (starting date Jan 1867) that I am playing with a couple of friends. We are now one year into the campaign, and the changes below are based on things we thought made the game easier to play. The changes made, however, are not specific the campaign we are playing.

These changes are based on module version 1.5.2017, with additional changes based upon the excellent changes made by Ian Clarence in his version 1.5.2. I also are far from a Vassal expert, and in fact was a total novice when I began my changes, so some of the earlier changes are likely not as elegant as they should be. Additionally, I lack skills as a digital artist, so some of the graphics, while functional, are not all that pretty or polished. With that in mind, here are the significant changes between Vassal GS Module v1.5 and the v1.8.4 that I am uploading.

1. Bonus cards can be deleted (in case you happen to select the wrong one during setup).

2. Quiver ammo source added, and ammo counts added to all ammo sources (you can count down the ammo on the source as you reload a weapon).

3. Each side of action card now shows the action on reverse side

4. Masked view of action cards now shows the character number they are assigned to

5. Subtypes of guns (e.g., W44 ’66 vs. w44 ’73, double action version, side-load conversions) now represented by separate counters; weight class and availability dates added to counters panel.

6. B2 and B3 cards now separated by weight class (e.g., B2 medium, B3 heavy)

7. LOS tool revised to retain counters on map at about 20% opacity

8. H44 ammo changed to 16

9. 2nd floor overlays added for maps

10. Weapon counters now include ammo/loading type

11. Results cards conformed to cards in original board game (there were many differences)

12. LeMat pistol shows both primary (cylinder) and secondary (20g shotgun) ammo

13. Graphic added to count loading actions that take multiple turns

14. Rotatable move/turn marker added to show directions of turns and moves announced but not yet executed. These are specific to each character and are found in a "Character-Specific Markers" section under Counters/Characters. They also will mark Run status at two levels (to keep track of whether the character is eligible to Sprint).

15. Character label (which I used to mark character name/number) changed to non-rotating

16. Separate aim markers added for each character (marked with character number), and level with AIM but no points added (to mark hexes where aiming has begun but no points have accumulated); can be changed to SHT when a Shoot is announced.

17. Property sheets for characters are pre-populated with values from Gunslinger boardgame (but are still changeable by user). These include Fear (from game rules) and Respect (interpolated from the table in the Role-Playing rules).

18. Legend Sheet “Hand” wounds are corrected to “Arm”.

19. Legend Sheet updated to include skills, turn/segment, next action segment marker, and spot for character names.

20. Cards Table updated to include spot for character names.

21. Character counters can now mark both Stamina and Delay, and all wounds, Stamina, and Delay can now be tracked on the Legend Sheet. Because of this, both Stamina and Delay can be tracked in either or both of two locations (Character counters and Legend Sheet).

22. Many new maps and overlays added. None of these are original to me; and embarrassingly, for some of them I can no longer even identify where I got them. My thanks (and apologies) to those who created these maps.

23. Smoke markers can be marked to show removal turn/segment (we play that smoke lasts two full turns, so smoke from a shot fired on Segment 3-Turn 4, lasts until the end of Segment 3-Turn 6.

24. Charts Window added with a summary of movement/delay and loss of aim effects; brawling weapons table; striking table; and impact table.

Notes on Version 1.5.3

This version adds the player aid charts to the 1.5.2 module updated by Ian Clarence (Thank you for your new updates Ian).

Changes from version 1.5.2:-

Player Aid Cards tabbed button added

  • Player Aid Card 1 - Added
  • Player Aid Card 1 Back - Added
  • Player Aid Card 2 - Added
  • Player Aid Card 3 - Added
  • Player Aid Card 4 - Added

Notes on Version 1.5.2

This version was created from version 1.5 to improve ease-of-use and fix errors in Results Cards.

Changes from version 1.5:-

Action Cards

  • single window replaced with one window for each character
  • action on card back is shown in red

Legend Sheet

  • "Next Action On" indicator for each character, players record next segment each character will act on
  • Property Sheet deleted, character skills moved to Legend Sheet
  • revised (space saving) Turn Counter

Combined Target/Aim points marker for each character

Character tokens now have an ID number (1-7) for quick identification

Results Cards

  • errors fixed (44 cards)
  • cards dealt face up & masking fixed

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