From Vassal
Publisher Milton Bradley Era Fantasy
Year 1989 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 5 Scale Miniatures
Length Medium


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heroquest.vmod Module 9.44 MB 2013-02-12 3.2.2
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Module Information

Maintainer LurchBrick
Contributors LurchBrick


Lite RPG board game created by Milton Bradley in the 1980's

Welcome to the HQ Vassal mod.

This module would never have gotten made without the input of:

Old Scratch, Wolf & HeroQuestFrance for the miniature model photos, not to forget the makers of the Italian HQ module who supplied some of the missing expansion pack miniatures, and special mention to Malechi for all the scanned materials found within.

I'd also like to thank the makers of the Vassal of the Ring module for their idea to include a World timezone map. This is a great idea to help players synchronise times with others around the world.

I hope you enjoy playing this module as much as I did creating it.


HeroQuest was a boardgame created by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop. It is a simplified version of a role playing game.

Basic Synopsis:

Four heroes battle through a series of quests, fighting monsters, falling foul of traps, searching for treasure to gain wealth and equipment.

The main game contained 14 quests. Further expansion packs were sold which contained more quests, monsters, traps, and rule additions.

Currently, this module contains all you will need to play all released materials including the main game, Kellar's Keep, Return of the Witch Lord, Against the Ogre Horde, Barbarian Quest pack, Elf Quest pack and Wizards of Morcar expansion packs.


If you have any issues or feature requests, go here:

Old Scratch HQ forum

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