Module:Highway to the Reich: Operation Market-Garden 17-26 September 1944 – 2nd Edition

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Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1976 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length monster game


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
HWTR_v1.70.vmod module 97.13 MB 2021-11-27 3.5.8
HttR_v1.60.vmod module 31.02 MB 2021-10-22 3.5.8
HttR_v1.56.vmod module 30.98 MB 2021-10-16 3.5.8
HttR_v1.54.vmod module 30.96 MB 2021-09-26 3.5.8
HttR_v1.51.vmod module 61.39 MB 2021-09-26 3.5.8
HttR_v1.50.vmod module 30.92 MB 2021-02-22 3.2.17
HttR_v1.1.vmod module 29.07 MB 2018-08-03 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Stiglr
Contributors imikem


This is the ORIGINAL SPI Highway to the Reich monster game on Operation Market-Garden, reflecting that game's 2nd Edition. The 1.5 version of the module offers several improvements over the original version, including map errata incorporated on the map artwork, additional markers for air strikes, CAP, disruption, entrenchments, objective hexes and ammo depletion, and a Campaign Game set-up Preset. In the interface, the buttons were improved, a Dead Pool display has been added, plus a handy Flight Path Line of Sight button for Allied airdrop resolution and artillery spotting.

A hidden off map movement display visible only to the German player(s) was also added. Unfortunately, there is no way to have text buffer reports on zones within that display ONLY show to the German player, so it has been set so that NO reports on movement **within** the Off-Map display are reported on: only movement TO or FROM the main map.

Additionally, the counter art was improved such that the unit morale triangles now reflect the original counter art. Pieces now rotate as well.

The original v1.1 module has also been included for "completeness".

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Version 1.70

  • Added new PDF charts to Help menu: Terrain, Fire Combat, Close Action, Disruption, Weather/Air Landing, Airstrike Bombardment.
  • Changed main board to North-South map orientation, so place names read normally.
  • Added colored indicator bars to map edges to delineate connection to Off-Map-Movement display.
  • Replaced OMMD with new version matching map edge bars, and a miniature map graphic.
  • Added inventory buttons, access restricted to the owning side.
  • Aligned (mostly) the random-sized buttons on the vmod main map display.
  • Wrapped longer button title text to two lines to conserve horizontal space.
  • Created snap-to grids and cleaned up both Turn/reinforcement tracks.
  • Updated dice rollers, inserting result images to the chat/message window and used new, different colored images for each die.
  • Vmod title changed to HTWR_vxxx to reflect initialism used within the rules.
  • Improved Hit pip handling – removed separate Activation, added Reset Hits to do that.
  • Added Mark as Fired flag, and Clear Fired Markers button on main window next to Clear Moved button.
  • Moved Travel mode [T] flag to center between Strength and Efficiency like many of the printed counters.
  • Changed separate "Dsrp" marker to invoke layer with large red X and "DISRPTD" label.
  • Added "Set Supply Status" tri-layer: Default (in supply), OoS, and Depleted/No Ammo.
  • Better logging for the above.
  • Add menu command and logging for "Send to Eliminated units box".
  • Added Barrage marker.
  •  Added small "XXX" marks to the map indicating 3-hex distance either side of the highway from south edge to Arnhem. Note that this results in significantly larger file size for the maps and overall vmod.

Version 1.60

  • Corrected 3IG/32 HW counter (was mis-assigned and displaying as the 5CG/32 HW).
  • Corrected 10SS Heavy Weapons unit to reflect 10SS and not 9SS.
  • Adjusted 10SS Panzer 1/20 formation to proper deployment hex on A map.
  • Added missing Airborne supply markers.
  • Changed Marker displays to dropdown menus and "freed" fixed displays.

Version 1.56

  • Added a Bridge Intact layer to the Bridge marker.
  • Set unit rotations to 12 points instead of 6.

Version 1.54

  • Moving the Turn markers on either side's Turn Track reports in the text buffer.
  • Corrected the German Formation display to add the specific "destination hex" of one group of SS units beginning near Arnhem.

Version 1.51

  • Airborne Supply markers added
  • Initial setup file added as a preset: All German units are set up per the Organizational Display. XXX Corps set up is per Allied player discretion, so these are not placed on the map.
  • Four player positions per Side, in addition to "blanket" German and Allied sides, were added. This has not been playtested, but the hope is this will allow any combinations of up to 8 players to play a PBeM game without any issues arising where a player can be "locked out of his own side" if another player does not "Retire" before sending a .vlog file to another player. (If this does not work as planned, please DO contact the Maintainer with a "bug report")

Uploading v1.51, and changing the file notation of the "old" 1.51 to 1.50 (consistent with the name of the vmod file). The changes from 1.5 to 1.51 are: adding the Airborne division supply head markers, adding additional zoom levels to the map and increasing the mouseover zoom (good for "old eyes"), and adding a Notes window.

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