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Publisher GMT Games Era Ancient
Year 2014 Topic Warfare in the Greco-Persian Age, 5th to 4th Century BC
Players 2 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length 2 to 8 hours plus Series Great Battles of History Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Hoplite101.vmod Module 27.44 MB 2020-10-19 3.4.6
Hoplite.vmod Module 27.44 MB 2014-07-08 3.2.11

Module Information

Maintainer Brendan Clark
Contributors Brendan Clark, Gabriele Callari


Hoplite is the 15th volume in the Great Battles of History series (GBoH) of games, allowing players to recreate classic battles from the pre-Alexandrian Greco-Persian Age, the heydey of the Hoplite (heavy infantry fighting in dense formation), a period that is often considered the birth of Western Warfare, in contrast to the Persian/Eastern style, which relied on archery, light cavalry and mobility.

For information on counter manipulation in this module, see the Short Intro file, which can be found via the Help icon on the horizontal toolbar.

Version 1.0.1 activates "Show pieces in un-rotated state" to better read mouse-over magnified pieces.

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  • Brendan Clark
  • Rick Galli
  • Joshua Gottesman
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Ricky Gray
  • Paul-E