Module:Horse & Musket: Crucible of War

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Vol 3 Splash Screen Vassal.png
Publisher Hollandspiele Era Age of Reason
Year 2018 Topic The Seven Years War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 1 to 2 hours Series Horse & Musket


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Horse & Musket Volume 3 - Crucible of War.vmod Module 51.45 MB 2018-11-17 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer David Fagnand


Version 1.0:

  • With all the optional rules this is a 'sandbox' module where the user can choose how to implement the game.
  • The scenarios are built with the units set up for the base version. All units can be rotated to represent line or column formation and facing.
  • 20 'In the box' Scenarios
  • Increased the size of the combat units and went to vertical stacking.
  • Combat units can be labelled for Low Ammo.
  • Unnamed Leaders can be named.
  • Added a Gold Fleurus to the counters of the Leaders that have Charisma.
  • Terrain can be labelled, for example: City names, rivers, comments, entry/exit hexes, etc...
  • Added an Eliminate Unit function and Eliminated Units Holding Box.
  • Added Map Title.
  • Added five Unit Characteristics Lines to each Combat Unit so traits like 'Cadence Marching', 'Steel Ramrods', 'Iron Discipline', etc. can be marked on the counter.
  • Added VP Label and VP Value to the VP counters.
  • Added VP Value to the Baggage Trains.
  • Added '+1/2 VP' to the back sides of the VP track counters.
  • Added a Bad Weather Marker for Turn Track
  • Added Nationality Labels to the CAP and VP Markers
  • Added full counter sets for each color group.
  • Added the Game Charts.
  • Added optional scenario set ups that include Nationality Characteristics and suggested Line/Column formation.
  • Added About Face Maneuver to CAP Chart.

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