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Publisher Web Era Modern
Year 2012 Topic Movies/TV/Radio Theme
Players 1 to 1 Scale Abstract
Length 60 minutes


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Maintainer Chad Mestdagh
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Note: The Rules are in the Module


This game is an unauthorized, non-profit game that uses names and images from the original movie by Warner Brothers. Neither the designer nor anyone else is allowed to make any financial profit of it.

About the game:

I hope you remember the great movie “Inception”. Cobb and his team of Extractors are offered a job to implant an idea into a person´s mind by infiltrating his dreams. The target person is Fischer and the applicant is Saito who´d profit a lot from Fischers new “idea”. The reward: a lot of money and the chance for Cobb to return home again to see his children. But to plant a thought deep enough into someone´s mind you´ll have to go very deep. A dream within a dream… within another dream. And if you die in a dream you´ll end up in the Limbo and probably go mad.

Guide Cobb and his team through the different dream levels. Recruit your team members and sedate Fischer in the reality. Step deeper into his dreams planting Inceptions and prepare for the final Kick that´ll bring the team back home. Fight against attackers, Cobbs adversaries and Fischer´s “dream police”. Cobb´s wife Mal will show up and try to stop the team. And some of your members might end up in the Limbo and have to be saved first before they get the chance to return back into reality.

About the gameplay:

Inception is a Solo card game for 1 player with a playing time around 50 to 60 minutes.

Each turn the player draws 2 cards to his hand. Some negative cards (Cobb´s Flashbacks) apply immediately while the others may be played in the “Play cards” step. Cards may be played in different ways. They may either be discarded to use their one-shop effects. Weapon cards may be attached to a character to increase his strength against upcoming attacks. Cards may be placed in a dedicated “Convince display” where they might be used from later when trying to convince opponents or to plant Inceptions. But the player should also keep some cards in his hands to either react to upcoming events or boost his strength when defending against an attacker. These are the tactical choices that have to be made and that will decide over success or failure.

An Event card is drawn from the Dream Level the Characters are currently in. You will have to evade attacks, convince people, plant Inceptions in Fischer´s mind or face other challenges. Team members might die, maybe the same as in the movie, and have to be found in the Limbo and convinced to come back with you.

To win the game the final Inception on Fischer has to be successful, Mal must be dead and at least Saito, Cobb and enough members for the final Kick still alive in the end.

Designed for the BGG Solitaire Print and Play Contest 2012.