Module:Infinity: A Skirmish Game

From Vassal
Publisher CORVUS BELLI Era unknown
Year 2005 Topic unknown
Players 2 to 8 Scale unknown
Length Short

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Infinity_1.3.7.vmod Module 29.03 MB 2017-08-12 unknown Haqqer
Infinity_1.3.6.vmod Module 27.68 MB 2015-06-30 unknown Cowleyc
Infinity_1.2.vmod Module 45.8 MB unknown unknown Cowleyc
Infinity_1.1.vmod Module 6.43 MB unknown unknown DonnyB
Infinity_1.0.vmod‎ Module 6.11 MB unknown unknown DonnyB
InfinityVassalModule.0_94.vmod Module 5.96 MB unknown unknown DreamSlayer Ruther
Infinity v0.4.vmod Module 5.42 MB unknown unknown LordJesse


Version 1.3.7

New module contributor providing some updated. Updates all Haqq units to latest as of Late Summer 2017. Added additional range band auras accessible with CTRL-1 to CTRL-6. Other misc. fixes. Thanks to the original authors and other contributors for the work this builds on!

Version 1.3.6

Almost all unit tokens are updated. Old images removed. New units added. No idea what the heck JOAN.png was supposed to be, but somehow got rid of the error "CAN'T FIND HER YO!" Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Might move over to Tannhauser and work on that.

Version 1.3.1

First of all, credit goes to Vyo on the Infinity Forums for creating the lovely tokens. Still a work in progress, but for such lovely work I'm willing to wait. N3. Monotonous work. Should be seeing the rest of N3 in the upcoming weeks. Templates are finally pivoting like they should, TO Camo units now have Invisibility enabled, and the Blast and Smoke templates have been updated to the latest versions. Some other small stuff. Tokens are all up to date, though some of them aren't as pretty as they could be. Willing to accept help. Please.

Version 1.2

Added new tokens for almost all units, including new base sizes. Also added minor functions to templates, as well as new maps and some terrain. More work needs to be done on terrain.

Version 1.1

Work continues on Human Sphere. Nomads and Aleph complete. Mouse over functionality added. Unit selection simplified. Red team Bases added in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes.

Version 1.0

started work on updating with Human Sphere units. Version 1.0 JSA complete.

Version 0.94

This is an Infinity The Game module for Vassal with raytraced maps and a wizard to create them with a few clicks.

For 2-4 players. All the rules and units are included. Please sign up as player if you download it. Thank You. Good Luck and Have Fun!<

W. Szabó Péter - Mahonlap

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Version 0.4 Needs to be thoroughly tested, but is mostly functional.

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  • DonnyB
  • LordJesse
  • LostTemplar
  • fleshcross
  • bigdeath
  • DreamSlayer
  • zim
  • Ashen
  • redspade
  • KingJareth
  • pixelante
  • AoM
  • Nachtpfiffel
  • Deus
  • Ruther
  • lordAtticus
  • Reece
  • Foxone
  • Harlekin
  • Alexandros
  • Kyre
  • ajtheronin
  • varagon
  • Anakin83136
  • KyloWinter
  • Xypcha
  • Ragnarokilo
  • Cowleyc
  • Azrael909