Module:Invasion: Norway

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 1995 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 6 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Invasion_Norway_Version_1.32.vmod Module 28.32 MB 2023-1-8 3.6.9
Invasion_Norway_ReadMe_V1.2.pdf Document 100 KB 2022-1-1 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Additional_Errata_V1_1.pdf Document 624 KB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Rulebook_V1.1.pdf Document 8.32 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion Norway Quickstart.pdf Document 3.63 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Scenarios_and_Historical_Commentary_V1_1.pdf Document 3.43 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Enhanced_Sequence_of_Play.pdf Document 192 KB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Naval_Fuel_Roster_Chart.pdf Document 142 KB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Naval_Supply_Rules.pdf Document 1.66 MB 2021-12-26 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Quickstart_Errata_11-26-2021.pdf Document 792 KB 2021-12-26 N/A
Invasion_Norway_After_Action_Report.pdf Document 1.7 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Operational_Tempo.pdf Document 3.72 MB 2021-12-30 N/A

Module Information

Maintainer Mark Oakley
Contributors Mark Oakley


Change Log

Version 1.32 - Created with Vassal 3.6.9

Fixed missing blocked hexside on strategic map between hexes 4630/4733.

Version 1.31 - Created with Vassal 3.6.9

Fixed missing blocked hexside on strategic map between hexes 4328/4428.

Version 1.3 - Created with Vassal 3.6.7

Fixed discrepancy between TEC (was 3, now 4) and Manual (was/is 4) for motorized infantry movement costs in Nordland and Troms zones after thaw. Fixed switched airborne and naval infantry symbols in unit ID chart. Verified compatibility with Vassal 3.6.7.

Only file updated is Invasion_Norway_Version_1.3.vmod

Version 1.2 - Created with Vassal 3.6.2

Updated module version to 1.2. Added button to delete all temporary markers at the end of a turn. Added Stay/Withdrawal window and counters that can be masked to allow for secret decisions.

Updated ReadMe to V1.2.


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Permission to upload module was obtained from Anthony Curtis of GMT games by email on 11/18/2021.

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