Module:Invasion: Norway

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 1995 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 6 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Invasion_Norway_Version_1.2.vmod Module 13.19 MB 2022-1-2 3.6.2
Invasion_Norway_ReadMe_V1.2.pdf Document 100 KB 2022-1-1 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Additional_Errata_V1_1.pdf Document 624 KB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Rulebook_V1.1.pdf Document 8.32 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion Norway Quickstart.pdf Document 3.63 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Scenarios_and_Historical_Commentary_V1_1.pdf Document 3.43 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Enhanced_Sequence_of_Play.pdf Document 192 KB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Naval_Fuel_Roster_Chart.pdf Document 142 KB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Naval_Supply_Rules.pdf Document 1.66 MB 2021-12-26 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Quickstart_Errata_11-26-2021.pdf Document 792 KB 2021-12-26 N/A
Invasion_Norway_After_Action_Report.pdf Document 1.7 MB 2021-12-30 N/A
Invasion_Norway_Operational_Tempo.pdf Document 3.72 MB 2021-12-30 N/A

Module Information

Maintainer Mark Oakley
Contributors Mark Oakley


Change Log

Version 1.2 - Created with Vassal 3.6.2

Updated module version to 1.2. Added button to delete all temporary markers at the end of a turn. Added Stay/Withdrawal window and counters that can be masked to allow for secret decisions.

Updated ReadMe to V1.2.


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Permission to upload module was obtained from Anthony Curtis of GMT games by email on 11/18/2021.

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