Module:Island War: Four Pacific Battles

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Island War Four Pacific Battles.jpg
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1975 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 90 min each Series Quads (SPI)


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Island War BloodyRidge_V10.vmod Module 5.08 MB 2021-04-05 3.4.11
Island_War_BloodyRidge_V05.vmod Module 8.36 MB 2021-03-06 3.2.17
Island_War_Saipan_v01.vmod Module 7.84 MB 2021-03-06 3.2.17
Island_War_Leyete_V05.vmod Module 8.83 MB 2021-03-06 3.2.17
Island_War_Okinawa_v05.vmod Module 8.46 MB 2021-03-06 3.2.17
Game Rules
Island-War-Standard-rules.pdf Island War Standard Rules 6.52 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
BloodyRidge-rules-exc.pdf Bloody Ridge Exclusive Rules 3.11 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
Leyte-rules-exc.pdf Leyte Exclusive Rules 4.75 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
Okinawa-rules-exc.pdf Okinawa Exclusive Rules 4.2 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
Saipan-rules-exc.pdf Saipan Exclusive Rules 2.92 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
BloodyRidge-rules-errata.pdf Bloody Ridge Exclusive Rules Errata 6.52 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
Leyte-rules-errata.pdf Leyte Exclusive Rules Errata 1.24 MB 2021-03-06 n/a
Okinawa-rules-errata.pdf Okinawa Exclusive Rules Errata 993 KB 2021-03-06 n/a
Saipan-rules-errata.pdf Saipan Exclusive Rules Errata 1,005 KB 2021-03-06 n/a

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Contributors Stiglr


Four games all part of the Island War quadrigames. The set of four games use both standard rules as well as exclusive rules for each wargame in the series. "Bloody Ridge: Turning Point on Guadalcanal, September 1942" covers the fighting on Guadalcanal during September 1942. Saipan covers the US invasion of Saipan in June 1944. Leyte covers the US invasion of Leyte in October 1944. Okinawa covers the US invasion of Okinawa in April of 1945.

Boardgame Geek description:

Change log

Bloody Ridge
Version 1.0

New game map leveraging the great work from custom map generated by Robin LeBon posted on Boardgame Geek

  • Rotated game board
  • Recreated and repositioned the time chart
  • Created reinforcements by turn chart to the right of the map
  • Repositioned the Bloody Ridge title text

Recreated unit counters with bevel edges and rounded corners Integrated the combat results and terrain reference charts Created scenario setups for all 3 scenarios Created combat reference markers for

  • Banzai attacks
  • FPF Defensive artillery barrages
  • Attack barrage strength

Added right-click sub-menu for each unit

  • Reveal/Hide ZOC
  • Revela/Hide Artillery range (Artillery, Anti-tank, Mortar units)
  • Eliminate unit (KIA)
  • Restricted access to move units to only owning player

Reduced overall modules file size by 60%

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