From Vassal
Publisher Red Sash Games Era 18th Century
Year 2012 Topic War of Austrian Succession
Players 2 to 6 Scale Operational
Length Series Lace Wars


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
KK_Shell_0.8.vmod Module 5.37 MB 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_BourbonOOB_0.8.vmdx Extension 45.75 MB 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_HabsburgOOB_0.8.vmdx Extension 44.96 MB 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_COE_Map_0.8.vmdx Extension 11.65 MB 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_QG_Map_0.8.vmdx Extension 37.37 MB 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_SOK_Map_0.8.vmdx Extension 39.08 MB 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_BrigadeCounters_0.8.vmdx Extension 0 bytes 2013-07-15 3.2.7
KK_CY_0.1.vmdx Extension 70.13 MB 2014-01-26 3.2.7

Module Information

Maintainer Miguel Angel Sanchez
Contributors Miguel Angel Sanchez


The module uses a Base Module Shell that works along with the extensions. All the extensions available now are necessary to play KK. To play individual games, you can activate only the mapboard of the theater you want to play with.

Added new SOK Map file v0.5. It is recommended to use the new file and deactivate the older (saved games should still work). The images are less heavy and can now work in less powerful computers.

New version 0.2 OOB files with some missing units added.

Added a new 0.35 Bourbon OOB file to fix a bug related to stacking on the Spanish Display Panel.

Now you can play with the old brigade sized units or mix the scales per theater of operations with the extension containing the Brigade Counters.

Old files removed. Now you can download the last 0.8 version files without having to look for them on a growing list. New feature added: SPs size displayed when you place the mouse over a stack. (Warning: the module doesn't take into consideration if units are half SP in size or are cavalry, just sums up 1 SP per battalion unit and the SPs value for the rest).

CY extension added. Includes the core elements; the extensions (PtKG and THQ) will be added in the future.

Screen Shots


  • Miguel Angel Sanchez