Module:Kerbal Card Program

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Publisher Anacostia Enterprises Era Modern
Year 2013 Topic Space Exploration
Players 2 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length 30-120 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
KCP.vmod module 25.21 MB 2013-08-20 3.2.5
kcp_rules-0-1.pdf Game Rules 1.55 MB 2013-08-20 3.2.5

Module Information

Maintainer Stephen Rogers


This game is based on Kerbal Space Program by Squad. A discussion thread for this game may be found at the Kerbal Space Program forum

Please be sure to download and read the PDF for full information on how to use the mod.

This mod is intended for use for playtesting purposes only and does not represent a finished product at this time. Should the original holder of the KSP IP request it, all copies of this mod will need to be deleted; by downloading or copying this mod, you automatically agree to delete it upon request (official notice of such a request will be given on the KSP forum discussion thread noted above).

LAST MINUTE RULE CHANGE!! When selling cards to the DEBRIS PILE (with the exception of CREW cards), draw one additional card.

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  • Stephen Rogers