Module:Kill Doctor Lucky

From Vassal
Publisher Cheapass Games Era Contemporary
Year 2011 Topic Mystery
Players 3 to 7 Scale Abstract
Length 30-60


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
kill_doctor_lucky_1.0.vmod module 2.62 MB 2014-05-09 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer GunsTooMuch


This module includes the base game as well as the S.S. Anfang components from the Doctor Lucky Ambivalence Pack expansion and Doctor Lucky's Dog from the variant of the same name.

Kill Doctor Lucky is a 'pre-mystery' game where the players are attempting to knock off Doctor Lucky (and prevent the other players from robbing you of the chance). The help file in the module contains only a very basic run down of the rules, but luckily the full rules for the base game can be found here and the expansion rules can be found here.

Kill Doctor Lucky was designed by James Ernest and published by Cheapass Games. This module was created with permission.

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