Module:Knights of the Air

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWI
Year 2000 Topic Air Combat
Players 2 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length 90 mins

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Knights of the Air V2.0.vmod Module 63.98 MB 2017-12-17 3.2.15 Scott Campbell Scott Campbell
Knights_of_the_Air_3.5.vmod Module 71.24 MB 2022-05-20 3.6.6 Eggsalad Eggsalad, Hollywood
Knights_of_the_Air_3.6.vmod Module 74.18 MB 2022-07-04 3.6.6 Eggsalad Eggsalad, Hollywood


This is Avalon Hill's Knights of the Air. A deadly game of Air Combat during WW-I. Deemed the most accurate simulation board game of WW1 air combat by board game geek. The game features innovative concepts in movement order, spotting, and shooting that bogs other games down. The maneuvers can be somewhat complex but once understood the game moves quickly and gives the player the feel of flying and air combat.

Download Knights of the Air V2.0. Uses vassal version 3.17.

May 2022: Module Updated to include new features, new plane art, and custom counters for variant rules, like anti-air. Version 3.5 uses VASSAL 3.6.6.

July 2022: Version 3.6 of KoTA VASSAL -- moves airplane data cards to counter area with player windows instead of selecting on module startup. Added plane damage counter. Added a method of moving planes that increases movement counter. Other minor fixes.

Screen Shots

V3.5 Screenshot


  • Scott Campbell
  • Razor
  • Ed Becker