Module:Krazy Wordz

From Vassal
Publisher Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH Era Contemporary
Year 2016 Topic Humor
Players 3 to 7 Scale Abstract
Length 45 min


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Module Information

Maintainer Peter8Elf
Contributors Peter8Elf


First full Version of the crazy word guessing game. Official Rules can be found here.

Also a QuickStart is available how to play the game in Vassal. (Help -> QuickStart, when module is loaded)

Important: You need to load a card deck inside the game. The game itself has not cards by default. (see also Screenshots)

To easily create your own Card Decks with custom words see #Creating a Card Deck for Krazy Wordz

Creating a Card Deck for Krazy Wordz

The following Powershell Script can be used to convert a text file with a line for each card content to a Vassal Card Deck.

Run the script in a folder with a file called "cards.txt" which will then converted in a "cards.vdck" file that can be loaded.

Screen Shots


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