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Publisher Twoid Games Era Fantasy
Year 2022 Topic Economic
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length medium


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Legends_of_Void_1.0.vmod module 91.61 MB 2022-11-23 3.6.7

Module Information

Maintainer Gattsu (talk)


Legends of Void is a 1-4 player strategy game, based on hand-management, engine-building, and area-control mechanics.

You'll play a Hero leading a Faction in the battle against the Void. The Void has summoned Seraphs, god-like creatures who threaten the Outer Lands, draining its life and replacing it with Nihil. You have a common goal: banish all the Seraphs from the Outer Lands. But you compete with each other to gain the favor of Lumen, the Flying City of the Eternals, rulers of all known lands.

Version 1.0

This is the first version of an unofficial fan made Vassal module for "Legends of Void".

I added some convenient features.

  • Setup is automated for the Outer Lands and the Lumen Board.
  • A click on a Region Board will report the name of the Region into the Log. This is useable if the rotation or the size of the Main Board makes it difficult to identify the Region Boards.
  • A right click on a Region lets you place any Tile
  • A click in the center of a Tile will display a player cube. The player can cycle through all cube colours by clicking agian in the center
  • Clicking elsewhere on a Tile flips the Tile to the other side
  • A click on the Outpost removes the Outpost from the Board
  • A click on the Edges of a Seraph Token will rotate the Seraph. I added a little Arrow on each Seraph which indicates the Facing.
  • Alltough the Seraph Colour is set automatically according to the Seraph Card Colour. The Colour can be change by clicking on the Colour of the Token.
  • During Setup it might happen that a Region Reward is drawn that is not available on the main board. You will find a Tool bar Icon. A click there redraws the Region Reward.
  • A click on a Lumen Blessing Flips it to the Passed side
  • Event cards can be rotated by right clicking them and choose rotate. I find it sometimes hard to figure out the movement path without rotating the event card. By right click an Event and choose discard the Event will be reset to the normal roation and send to the discard pile.
  • On the Hero Board a click on the Hero Icon in the Toolbar brings up another Hero to your player board.
  • In the Main Toolbar you find a Wrench Icon a click there opens a Menu where all the Decks can be found
  • The Player Hand is split up into 2 sectors. 10 Cards are you hand and the lower section lets you draw cards for drafting. A click on the Draw Card will draw a Lumen Card from the Lumen Deck.
  • A click on the Gift icon in the Tool bar draws a Gift Card
  • A click on the Dig Icon draws a random Card from the Discard Pile
  • Generally a click on the upper right corner discards a Card into the appropriate discard pile and a click on the lower right corner removes the Card from the Game
  • A click on the Name of a Card displayes "Exhauted" this can be used to track if an Action has been used this summer.
  • A click on a Ressource removes the ressource
  • On right clicking a Card lets you send the Cards to another players Hand.

If you like the game please consider to support Twoid Games and buy Legends of Void.

Thanks to Twoid Games for their permission to upload this Vassal Module.

© 2022 Twoid Games. All rights reserved.

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