Module:Les Quatre-Bras & Waterloo 1815: The Empire's Final Blows

From Vassal
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Publisher Ludifolie Editions Era Gunpowder
Year 2015 Topic Napoleonic
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Series Jour de Gloire Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
WQB_JDG_1.4.4.vmod Module 5.41 MB 2020-06-26 3.2.17
WQB_JDG_1.4.vmod Module 5.4 MB 2018-08-04 3.2.17
WQB JDG1.1.vmod Module 4.58 MB 2017-01-27 3.2.16
WQB JDG1.0.vmod Module 4.58 MB 2016-02-04 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Pierre Bulle
Contributors Crispy1critterjtovb


Authorised module by permission from Frédéric Bey (Ludifolie Canons en Carton).

Changes in Jours de Gloire modules version 1.4.4

  • I modified Pierre's main module slightly for hidden orders.
  • Orders are in the pieces tray names FR Orders/No Orders for the French player

and BR Orders/No Orders for the Coalition side. When masked the owner can see an inset of the counter. The non-owner can't see the orders.

  • Fixed the issue where French players could not move the French Light units out of the Light Units window.
  • Added the LOS tool.
  • Change made by jtovb.

Changes in Jours de Gloire modules version 1.4

  • added hex grid with snap-to-grid and hex numbering
  • prevented other side from moving pieces
  • added symbolic dice
  • new tables/charts from Stephen Besty, with permission of series designer M. Bey

Version 1.1, a correction on orders markers for coalition.

Screen Shots


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