From Vassal
Publisher Warfrog Games Era Age of Reason
Year 1998 Topic Politics
Players 3 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 120 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
LiberteV1-0-9.vmod Module 61.2 MB 2023-07-01 3.6.19 marktb1961
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Martin Wallace's classic game now available on Vassal, based on the Valley Games edition (2010).

Download the module from the files section. The latest release is version 1.0.8 and requires Vassal v3.6.14 or later. Version 1.0.7 remains available for the time being but should not be used on Vassal versions after v3.6.11 (inventories will not work).

Quick Start Guide

Start the module using a compatible version of Vassal (see above).

  • Connect to the Vassal server.
  • Create a room and start a game from the module (File...New Game). The chat window will report whether the game is set for 1st or 2nd Edition rules; adjust as required (shortcut: Shift+F2).
  • Invite your other players to join the room and choose a side, one at a time. All players must be on the same versions of the module and Vassal.
  • When all players have connected, start the game by pressing F12. This will deal cards and determine player order for Turn 1.

For best effect, use the context menus or left-click on the cards and pieces where-ever possible. When deployed to a province, Faction Blocks should be stacked with their player's control token. Card moves are validated, so use the UnDo button if necessary to take back a card action (shortcut: Ctrl+Z).

Playing windows are all zoomable and can be re-sized to fit smaller screens. Hotkeys facilitate showing/hiding windows during the course of a game and inventory windows provide an alternative way to keep an eye on other players' hands.

Nominate one of the players to coordinate the Battle and Election Phases. That player should be responsible for pressing the Next button (F12) to progress the game and adding Victory Points when prompted by the module.

For more detail, see "Using the Liberté module" from the module's Help menu.

*** Known issue: It may take several seconds to connect to a game. Rarely, a synchronisation issue may cause the joining player's game state to be inconsistent (e.g. one or more other players don't appear in the game). That player should close their game and try to re-synchronise with another player or exit and re-join the room. Failing this, all close the module and start again. ***


Thanks to rights holder, Phil Sauer, for granting permission for this module to be published on

Historical summaries sourced from Federico Galeotti's 2006 post on BoardGameGeek, used with permission.

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