Module:Long Roads to Gettysburg II

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Publisher (Self-Published) Era Gunpowder
Year 2018 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 8 Scale Operational
Length 3000 Series Great Campaigns of the American Civil War Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
LRTG_3_38.vmod Module 43.63 MB 2023-04-28
LRTG2 2 000.vmod Module 20.55 MB 2018-04-13

Module Information

Maintainer Alberto Romero


Version 2020 Multiplayer (Recommended)

Long Roads to Gettysburg simulates the Army of Northern Virginia’s entire 1863 summer offensive beginning with Lee breaking camp from around Fredericksburg on June 3, 1863. The game, designed by Kenneth Lee, is part of the Great Campaign of the American Civil War series first published by Avalon Hill before being transitioned to Multiman Publishing. LRTG incorporate six maps from three of the GCACW series games: Stonewall Jackson's Way, Here Come the Rebels and Road to Gettysburg. The rules, player aides and add on maps / charts for the game can be found on the MMP G.C.A.C.W. Resources .

The Vassal module is a comprehensive update to the original LRTG Vassal module incorporating the latest LRTG rules changes. In addition, the module introduces several new features to the standard GCACW Vassal design including an "all-in-one" token which displays all unit information on a single playing piece. Players should consult the LRTG Instructions under the Help tab of the module for assistance with the modules features.

Version 3.37> include revised set up (Richard Dorset's feedbacks) and last version of the rules (2022) update. Principaly new markers and 7 USA victuals.

Version 3.38> Fix some entrenchment problems.

Version 2.000 (Old Version)

This is a self published variant of Multi-Man Publishings' game Roads to Gettysburg II :Lee Strikes North that was designed by Kenneth Lee. Include the maps of SJWII, HCR and RTG in the new look.

The rules will be post in MMP web site and the tokens was include in Roads to Gettysburg II.

The module include variable artillery in the unit token and selecttion the corp pertenence for the sub-units.

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  • Alberto Romero
  • Ken Lee
  • Salisbury