From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2016 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length variable Series MBT game System


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Base Game
MBT_1-1-6.vmod Module for MBT 24.52 MB 2019-12-08 3.2.17
1-FRG_1-1.vmdx Extension for FRG 9.67 MB 2019-02-06 3.2.17
2-BAOR_1-1.vmdx Extension for BAOR 7.84 MB 2019-02-06 3.2.17
3-4CMBG_1-0.vmdx Extension for 4CMBG 5.27 MB 2019-12-08 3.2.17
Oversize Map Files
LMaps-1-MBT.vmdx Extension for MBT 11.77 MB 2019-02-06 3.2.17
LMaps-2-FRG.vmdx Extension for FRG 14.14 MB 2019-02-06 3.2.17
LMaps-3-BOAR.vmdx Extension for BAOR 11.55 MB 2019-02-06 3.2.17
LMaps-4-CMBG.vmdx Extension for 4CMBG 16.02 MB 2019-12-08 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Rob Doane


The oversize map files contain all maps in the series blown up to 200% size. They are intended for those who prefer more room in the hexes to spread out their pieces. Add these files to your module just like any other extension, then choose the oversize maps when setting up your scenario (they will appear at the bottom of the menu).


  • Fixed error with hasty entrenchments marker
  • Added bevel to all game pieces to aid visibility when placed on the map


  • Minor edits to unit menus
  • Added missing commands to Soviet helicopters in right click menu


  • Individual unit right click menus now have options to place break, hesitation and suppression markers. Also have ability to clone units.
  • Added off map setup area for both players to aid in placing reinforcements.
  • Individual units that produce a report in the message window now show the unit's name and ID# instead of just the ID#.
  • LOS checks now produce a report in the message window.
  • Added more terrain for cutom maps and made most terrain backgrounds transparent.
  • Terrain counters can now be rotated.

Screen Shots


  • Pierre Miranda
  • Gustav6
  • Ulv Miller
  • Philippe Jathan
  • Dave Beaver
  • BobbyDevo