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Publisher Arcane Wonders Era Fantasy
Year 2012 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 45-90 Minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Mage Wars 3.0.vmod module 25 MB 11/2/14 3.2.10
Mage Wars 2.1.vmod module 60.14 MB 24/12/13 3.2.10
Hellfire Warlock.vdck deck 1.26 MB 10/2/14 3.2.10
Mage Wars 1.0.vmod module 20.64 MB 9/12/13 3.2.8
Starter Beastmaster.txt deck 783 KB 9/12/13 3.2.8
Starter Warlock.txt deck 697 KB 9/12/13 3.2.8
Starter Priestess.txt deck 624 KB 9/12/13 3.2.8
Starter Wizard.txt deck 654 KB 9/12/13 3.2.8
Starter Wizard Legal.txt deck 629 KB 9/12/13 3.2.8
Apprentice Beastmaster.txt deck 450 KB 9/12/13 3.2.8

Module Information

Maintainer RedDeBlu


Mage Wars 3.0 Changes

  • Removed the status boards and implemented full stat tracking on mage cards.
  • Created a book updater. Now any book made in "this version" or later can easily be updated if any future updates make changes to the cards.
  • Added all the apprentice and starter books into the module pre built, simply select a book from the list in the new Book Options menu in the spell book windows. WARNING: Do not have two players loading a pre built book at once, vassal may break reality!
  • Added dice pieces and got rid of the dice button. You can now find dice to the right of the play area and roll them separately, or together in the box.
  • Added reporting for every stat change on every card by every player, all reports are in the chat window.
  • Conditions and like tokens now have a counter in their top right corner to keep track of multiples.
  • Removed the peek command. Now you can always view face down cards, and still know they are face down to your opponent.
  • Fixed the major calculator problem of magic schools capping at 100.
  • Fixed the Forcemaster not calculating arcane creatures in the blue players spell book.
  • Fixed cards sometimes getting placed in the spell book outside of reachable space.
  • Fixed many many other things I just can't keep track of, including the Obliterate command. I swear it works this time.
  • Added black outlines around many tokens.
  • Reduced the file size drastically!.
  • Changed and spruced up the play area a bit.
  • Added an option to toggle realism.

Please post any issues, feedback, comments, and complaints in this thread:

Mage Wars 2.1 Changes

Fixed the ridiculous file size, may be more trimming in future updates.

Obliterate command has been put in Card Management.

Properly uploaded to the site now.

See 2.0 below for a more detailed list of changes since 1.0.

Mage Wars 2.0 Changes

Added the following expansions:

  • Druid Vs. Necromancer
  • Forcemaster Vs. Warlord
  • Conquest of Kumanjaro
    • Added new damage tracking accessed through the Special Actions menu on cards with health.
    • Number counter added to appropriate condition tokens. I.E. Tracking 5 Burns with one token.
    • Mage Wars logo button on toolbar now has multiple options, including toggling the turn tracker, and changing the current arena board.
    • New arena board added, Apprentice Mode version of the old arena for apprentice games.
    • Spell books changed to be vertical instead of horizontal.
    • Changed the way face down cards work, there is no longer a peek command, and every card can be easily viewed while still being easy to tell it is hidden from your opponent.
    • Updated various graphics.
    • Fixed issues with Rouse the Beast and Call of the Wild not adding up in the spell book.

Fixed issues with some cards which would add points to the wrong player.

Known Issues:

    • Sometimes changing mages out of your spell book gives an incorrect point calculation, just hit the Recalc button to be sure and it will give the proper points for the new mage.
    • No starting books for the new mages, and old books are vastly out of date still. Will rebuild them when I find the time.
    • File size is 5 times what it was before! Will take time to trim fat and reduce the size as much as possible then hopefully properly upload to vassals site.
    • Forgot to put in an obliterate command, woops! Will add that in the next version when I'm done reducing the file size.

Important Note On Spellbooks: Current books will not load well into the module, but can always be manually dragged into the new spell book design. As well, with this update many of the cards in the current spell books will be outdated and may lack certain functions, it is advised that these cards be replaced with newer versions from the module. Affected cards include all creatures, conjurations, and every level 1 Water spell. Id like to hear feedback on the new spell book design especially, module forum page can be found here:

Special thanks to teberger for providing me the scans for the Druid Vs. Necromancer expansion and all expanded tokens!

Original Release

The Customizable Strategy Game Of Dueling Mages!

Does not include any of the expansions at the moment, only the core set.

Module includes quite a bit of automation, including a spell book point calculator, so if it seems to run a bit slow at times just give it a minute.

Players can make, save, and load their own spell books in the module.

The module comes with a help file under Help with a rundown on how to use the different functionality of the module.

All the starting spell books according to the rulebook are also included on this page, including a variant of the Wizards book which makes it legal by removing 1 Decoy enchantment.

To download the starting spell books, right click on the links and click "Save Link As".

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, suggestions, criticism and what not on the forum page:

Or via pm or email, thanks.

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  • teberger
  • PetrosZak
  • Venuil