Module:Merchant of Venus

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Fantasy
Year 1988 Topic Economic
Players 1 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 90-180 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Merchant_of_Venus_v1.1.vmod fully functional 15.62 MB 2020-9-1 3.3.3-beta1
Merchant_of_Venus_v1.0.vmod fully functional 15.62 MB 2011-4-5 3.1
Merchant_of_Venus_v0.9.vmod Module-HOTSEAT ONLY 16.74 MB 2010-11-11 3.1
MoVTutorial.vlog Tutorial VLog 67 KB 2010-11-11 3.1
Merchant_of_Venus_v0.85.vmod Module-HOTSEAT ONLY 16.73 MB 2010-11-4 3.1

Module Information

Maintainer Aaron Riggan
Contributors Aaron Riggan, Michael Christopher, Jonathan Watts


Special thanks to soft-bug of for collaborating with me and helping fix some very critical issues. As of right now, the game is (as far as I know) 100% playable. I will be posting another tutorial for the updated version eventually, but most of the functionality should be the same. The only major artifact that I can't get rid of is an extra "peek" command upon clicking the exploration tokens or the IOU tokens. However, gameplay shouldn't be noticeably affected. -Cardshark1029, module designer.

This is the popular 1988 Avalon Hill game, Merchant of Venus designed by Richard Hamblen. All art used was designed by Michael Christopher, as part of a full redesign that can be found on BoardGameGeek.

This is still a work in progress. Any bugs or feature requests should be posted to BoardGameGeek

Version History

Version 1.1 (by Jonathan Watts)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ice Station from being bought (zone was called "Ice Station Port" instead of just "Ice Station")
  • Factory Goods will now go to the correct location when pulled out of the cup, instead of to whichever factory happened to have been bought most recently!

Version 1.0

  • Fixed a major bug that prevented all but the starting player from selecting and manipulating tokens
  • Fixed a major bug that prevented IOU tokens from going to player boards.
  • Decreased file size and improved functionality. (special thanks to soft-bug, founder of for helping me with many of these fixes.

Version 0.9

  • Added a Trade Window - Each player drags what they want to trade to one side, then takes what their opponent offers.
  • Module now reports on several activities, including peeking at Exploration and IOU counters
  • Added functionality for the Autopilot and Mulligan Gear relics
  • Reworked Die-Rolling mechanics: now reports each die rolled and the total

Version 0.85

  • Initial Upload

Screen Shots

No screens yet... but soon!


  • Aaron Riggan
  • GornTC
  • brederic
  • davidk64