From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1964 Topic Naval
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2.3 - Double Blind
Midway_2_3.vmod Module 8.27 MB 2023-12-20 3.7.6 Harald Fair
2.2 - Double Blind
Midway_2_2.vmod Module 7.1 MB 2023-01-16 3.6.10 Harald Fair
2.1 - Double Blind
Midway_2_1.vmod Module 7.1 MB 2022-06-28 3.6.7 Harald Fair
Midway64.vmod Module 4.08 MB unknown unknown jw62
Midway.txt 760 bytes unknown unknown


v2.3 Double Blind

  • Search counters are now replaced to the starting box each turn to prevent loss/hiding
  • Graphical improvements to the aircraft counters - improving situational awareness
  • Added a carrier tag indicating which carrier each air-unit belongs to for better organization
  • Reorganized Carrier Boards, adding "recovery" boxes for better organization
  • All searchboard counters now start and remain on searchboard to minimize confusion for new players
  • Fixed some minor bugs, including some undesired effects of the "undo" button
  • This module has been successfully tested with Vassal Engine v3.7.6

v2.2 Double Blind

  • Fixed bug that emerged in Vassal Engine versions following v3.6.7
  • This module has been successfully tested with Vassal Engine v3.6.10

v2.1 Double Blind

  • Reorganized carrier decks to reduce confusion and smooth management
  • Additional guidance on usernames/passwords to support audits
  • Permit hiding individual carrier status markers
  • Added overall fleet readiness status markers

v2.0 Double Blind
Major overhaul of functionality - true double-blind with no referee

  • Automatic Searching
  • Automatic placement of markers on detected enemy ships
  • Automatic aging of previously detected enemy ship markers
  • Automatic removal of previously aged enemy ship markers
  • Private Carrier Management Boards
  • Operations Board manages "ready" state of each carrier / hidden Strike/CAP order writing
  • Graphical Overhaul
  • Procedures support Play by E-Mail or live
  • Cheat mitigations
  • AA fire markers for Battle Board
  • New Sunk Board organization and display
  • Too many new elements to list

Version 1.2 cleans up the damage/crippled/sunk/AAA markers for Battleboard counters.

Version 1.1 tries to fix the bug which keeps observers from seeing the hidden searchmap counters. Also adds place marker command to battleboard ship counters to facilitate adding SUNK, CRIPPLED, DAMAGED, and AAA markers when appropriate.

I built MID64 because I found the previous module MIDWAY64 to be a bit tedious (different mapboards (vs hidden movement on the same searchmap), no hidden notes capability, no button for bringing back the searchmap if you hid it, non-editable aircraft labels, ...

so here is my effort to make MIDWAY a little easier to play via VASSAL.


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