From Vassal
Publisher Web Era Human Epoch
Year unknown Topic Unknown
Players 1 to 10 Scale Miniatures
Length Any


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
MiniCore.vmod Module 15.26 MB 2013-08-22

Module Information

Maintainer Paul Blankenship


The MiniCore Module is a Generic Miniatures module made to be used with any miniatures rules.

The .01 release is set up for TCHAE by Too Fat Lardies - but future versions will move the TCHAE specific bits to an extension.

Graphics come from other modules, pictures of my miniatures and terrain, and from Junior General.

Tom import your own miniatures either take a picture of them or scan them in and then scale them to 96 DPI. (one easy way to do this is to put a ruler next to the mini and scale the image so that one inch on the ruler takes up 96 pixels).

The plan is to have users create extensions for other games and miniatures. My first extension will be for WWII and Moderns in 6mm and 15mm scales.

Screen Shots


  • Paul Blankenship