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Publisher Web Era 18th Century
Year 2015 Topic Dice
Players 1 to 1 Scale Abstract
Length 10–15 minutes


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In Mizuage you take on the role of an 18th century geisha. The objective is to perfect your art, and free yourself of the bonds of servitude.

Mizuage utilizes the dice rolling set collection mechanic to allow you to increase your abilities in each of 3 arts. Get 3 of 1 face and improve that art. Get 1 of each face and improve any art. Beware the geisha face as it stops you from re-rolling and accrues debt. The more you increase your skill the easier it will be to pay off your debt, but if you do not start paying off your debt early enough you will certainly end life in servitude.

You win by attaining wealth. At the easiest level you win if you can finish with just 1 coin. At greater difficulty levels you must finish with more wealth.

A multiplayer variant which allows players to trade dice is included for players interested in sharing the geisha experience.

Mizuage is a game created by Gary Boyd.

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