From Vassal
Publisher Privateer Press Era Fantasy
Year 2008 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 4 Scale Miniatures
Length 60 min Series Monsters

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Monpoc_3.4.1.vmod Module 47.13 MB 2013-05-28 3.2.8 Haddie
MonPoc_2.65.vmod Module 32.47 MB 2010-12-19 unknown KevStormJ
MonPoc_2.51.vmod Module 25.28 MB 2010-08-03 unknown unknown arris138, Shoel, armoredgear7
MonPoc_2.4.vmod Module 22.88 MB unknown unknown unknown arris138, Shoel, armoredgear7
Monsterpocalypse 1.01.vmod Module 3.21 MB unknown unknown unknown arris138, Shoel, armoredgear7
Monsterpocalypse 1.00.vmod Module 3.1 MB unknown unknown arizzle
Monsterpocalypse 1.00 Instructions.txt Instructions 656 bytes unknown unknown arizzle
Monsterpocalypse Success Calculator 6 KB unknown unknown arizzle


The Privateer Press game of giant monster battles.

Mod 2.65 contains Voltron set as well as all Big In Japan figures.

The excel document lets you see your chance of success at hitting a given defense with a given number of action dice, boost dice, and power dice. Just enter the numbers of dice you plan to roll and the target's defense in the appropriately labeled columns, and it will calculate both your chance of success and your chance of a fully successful lightning attack (which is to say two successes in a row rolling the same number of dice each time). Just in case you're interested in that kind of thing

Mod 3.4.1 contains the following:

  • Team Covenant maps added by Team Covenant.
  • Quantum forms added by Team Covenant.
  • Image issues with hazard tiles corrected by (Haddie).

Screen Shots


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