Module:Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814

From Vassal
Publisher Ludifolie Editions Era Napoleonic
Year 2014 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Series Jour de Gloire Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Montmirail-Vauchamps-1814-V2-0-5B.vmod 6.94 MB 2021-12-30 3.5.8
Montmirail-Vauchamps-1814-V1.0.vmod 5.16 MB 2020-04-01 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Pierre Bulle
Contributors Mark Benson, Crispy1critter


Authorised module by permission from Frederic Bey (Canons en Carton).

Version 2 Beta

The Version 2 module available in the files section of this page is a working beta release intended to ease counter/stack handling and hidden actions. Some command shortcuts & hotkeys have been changed, mainly to avoid conflicts when operating on a stack. A summary of shortcuts & hotkeys can be found under the Help menu. The release includes the Crispy1critter's changes from v1.4 of other JdG modules and the following new features:

  • Official player aid added (permission from Frédéric Bey). Help includes links rules on the official JdG website.
  • Sound effects and chat log highlighting for roll die (F2), deploy AM and end turn.
  • Private hand is available to French and Coalition players, to facilitate concealed AM choices.
  • AMs in the draw cup are now fully masked until drawn and placed on the board.
  • Markers palette is at the head of the palette list so it will display first by default in response to the Pieces button [F3].
  • Orders/No Orders markers remain masked until revealed by the owner and there is only one pair needed in the markers palette.
  • Private Hands include a stock of Orders/No Orders markers.
  • Counters will locate on vertices and edges as well the hex itself. The intention is to facilitate using markers on formations as well as individual counters & stacks, whilst maintaining the convenience of snap-to-grid.
  • Rotation now aligns only to vertices and (on Montmirail map), the top edge.
  • Shock, Charge and Square commands operate on a one-per-stack basis.
  • Mouseover shows current hex number on battle map.
  • Movement trails are maintained during each Activation.
  • Infantry and Cavalry units will automatically go to the bottom when joining a stack.
  • End Turn cleans up board status and deploys preset AMs from the turn track to the active section of the AM board.
  • Deploying an AM cleans up movement trails and relevant markers from last activation
  • Line of sight tool added (toolbar drop menu offers Private and Shared options)
  • Compressed toolbar to allow for additional buttons within a small screen width. Wider zoom settings, also for small screens.
  • Specific to this module: A couple of Coalition Activation Markers were missing from the Montmirail scenario layouts.

Testing and feedback invited, whilst I consider rolling out the changes to other JdG modules. Contact marktb1961 or discuss on the Vassal Module Support forum.

Screen Shots


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