Module:Muse: A Storytelling Game

From Vassal
Publisher J. Benn Books Era Human Epoch
Year 2017 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 2-4 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Muse-A-Storytelling-Game-v2.1.vmod module 353 KB 2018-02-07 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Jonathan Benn
Contributors Jonathan Benn (Creator), Paul Taliesin (Playtester)


Muse lets you tell any kind of story, across all of time, space, fiction and non-fiction. If you like stories, and you like hanging out with friends, then you'll probably like Muse.

Rules are available for free download at the official website:

How-to Video on YouTube

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