Module:Napoleon Returns 1815

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Publisher Worthington Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2020 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 3 Scale Operational
Length 2 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Napoleon Returns 1815 v1b.vmod module 18.09 MB 2021-07-14

Module Information

Maintainer rjvonline


Updates: - v1b adds hand card count

This module allows you to play 2 players (French & Coalition) or 3 players (French, Anglo-Allied, Prussian). There are separate hand windows for the Anglo-Allied and Prussian sides.

The module also allows for solo play.

In general, there are right-click commands for everything except to move game pieces on the map or tracks, and it is recommended that you make use of these right-click commands.

All the counters are displayed face-up when opening the module. If you prefer to play with hidden counters, simply flip them. Counters that are face down will only display their color and army insignia. The controlling player can peek at them.

This module does not allow to keep army boards hidden from the other players.

All map and track locations are defined as single-points so if you move a counter or a marker it will snap to the closet location. When you move counters to stack over other counters, make sure to drop them at the top of the existing stack (because stacks are programmed to expand downwards to the right).

The game is set up for the historical starting locations. To use the optional setup, flip your counters face down and then reposition them on the map per the optional setup rules.

The French player must click on each blue button in the bottom right of the board to draw their 2 Objective cards. They will appear face down, but the French player (only) can peek at them and eventually flip them up.

There are four French control markers provided next to the French movement track.

Click on the die icon to roll 1d6, and then move the weather or applicable MP marker according to the result shown in the text area.

To resolve battles, open your hand window, discard all remaining cards, if any, and then draw your cards 1 at the time. All cards will automatically line up to the right as they are added, with one row per card type. There should be no reason, and it not advised, to rearrange the cards manually.

Open the battle board and click on the button to discard all remaining cards, if any.

Play your battle card to the battle board, making sure you choose the right command. The card will show up in the top row if it is played by a Coalition side or in the bottom row if played by the French side. All cards will automatically line up to the right as they are added.

Cohesion markers and corps counters of destroyed markers can be deleted once the corps are destroyed (Undo if you delete by mistake).

In general, access to counters and markers are restricted to their controlling players.

Any question or comment, please reach out

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