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Neanderthal 2ndEditionCover.jpg
Publisher Sierra Madre Games Era Prehistoric
Year 2015 Topic Economic
Players 1 to 3 Scale Abstract
Length 90 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2nd Edition
Neanderthal_2.2.vmod Module 19.58 MB 2019-01-20 3.2.17 Stefano Tine' Samuel Williams
1st Edition
Neanderthal_1.3.vmod Module 4.53 MB 2016-05-23 3.2.16 Stefano Tine'


Neanderthal by Phil Eklund (SMG, 2015). Neanderthal 2nd Edition by Phil Eklund (SMG, 2018). Published with permission.

Release Notes:

version 1.0 released on 2015-11-27, for original Neanderthal edition

version 1.1 released on 2015-11-28, with some bug fixes

version 1.2 released on 2016-01-08, to fix a misprint on the placards

version 1.3 released on 2016-05-23, another bug fix

version 2.0 released on 2019-01-14, for Neanderthal 2nd edition

version 2.1 released on 2019-01-17, with right click short cuts to return meeples from hunt

version 2.2 released on 2019-01-20, with a fix for a rare bug with Global Warming

Please check the HELP/READ ME window in the module for detailed instructions.

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