Module:Neuroshima Hex!

From Vassal
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Publisher Portal Games Era Future
Year 2006 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length 30 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
NeuroshimaHex_2.3.vmod Base module 59.01 MB 2023-03-28 3.6.14
NeuroshimaExt-Polish_refcards-2.0.vmdx Extension: Refcards in Polish 7.6 MB 2020-11-20 3.4.7
NeuroshimaExt-Fan_armies-2.0.vmdx Extension: Fan armies 5.21 MB 2020-11-20 3.4.7
NeuroshimaHex_2.2b.vmod Base module 59.27 MB 2021-01-01 3.4.7
NeuroshimaHex_2.1.vmod Base module 55.69 MB 2021-01-01 3.4.7
NeuroshimaHex_2.0.vmod Base module 55.46 MB 2020-11-20 3.4.7
NeuroshimaHex_154.vmod vmod 52.93 MB 2020-11-03 3.4.7
NeuroshimaHex.vmod vmod 81.79 MB 2020-09-11 3.2.9
Neuroshima Hex!_131.vmod vmod 13.3 MB 2014-01-27 3.2.9
Neuroshima Hex!_130.vmod vmod 13.17 MB 2014-01-17 3.2.8

Module Information

Maintainer Gallardus
Contributors Lienrag99


VASSAL module of Neuroshima Hex! The module features all official armies published this far (2020), including Troglodytes.

Ignacy Trzewiczek, from Portal Games, allowed the use of this module. Thanks Ignacy!

Version 2.3

  • News armies: 3.0 Pirates and Beasts thanks to God_of_Mind and Čedykoptéra; 2.x Pirates thanks to Zynaps
  • Better graphics for 3.0 DeathBreath, Iron Gang and SandRunners thanks to Incant (and also Mississippi thanks to cleanup ^^)
  • New Board for Pirates play
  • All armies normalized to the same size(s) (2.x armies are still 10% larger than 3.0)
  • Many small cleanups and enhancements invisible to user
  • Help: Link to FAQ; links to missing polish rules; tiles reference summary; faction randomizer

Version 2.2

  • News armies: 2.x Troglodytes and Beasts; Thanks to Zynaps for the art
  • Missing 2.x refcards added

Version 2.1

  • Major bug resolved (Troglodytes tokens returning to Uranopolis)
  • Units heal/wound inverted (to be the same as HQ)
  • Units wound token going up to 9
  • Casualities difference from hand enhanced
  • Minor corrections (graphic, links...)

Version 2.0

  • Better helps
    • Module Quick start (how-to-use)
    • All 3.0 refcards in english (previous polish refcards in an extension, see below)
    • Tiles repartition for 2 or 4 armies (more concise than refcards)
  • Support for extensions (for easiest upload):
    • Fan armies
    • Polish Refcards
  • Misc
    • Minor bugs resolved (New York double-casualities, etc.)
    • Minor improvements (alphabetical order, etc.)

Version 1.54

  • 5-6 players map added
  • All armies (but Troglodytes) both in 3.0 and 2.x graphics
  • Link to each army rules + reference cards for each 2.x army
  • Support for addition of fan armies
  • Many minor graphic/behavior bugs resolved
  • Many unused graphics removed; player aids jpged

Version 1.52

  • 2.x graphics replaced by 3.0 graphics
  • All 2015→2020 factions added (Uranopolis to Troglodytes)
  • Overlay effects (poison, etc.) removed and replaced by tokens

Version 1.31

Included some minor changes:

  • Back of Doomsday Machine tiles are more up to date.
  • Now all units in the game are woundable to cover some effects and 2v2 games.
  • Units and HQs over Neojungle 'land' and Sharrash 'hole' now become semitransparent so that the tile underneath can be seen.

Solved bugs:

  • The Dancer's tiles now can be moved as The Dancer player, and not only as Moderator.

Screen Shots


  • Gallardus
  • Maoz75
  • fsiefken