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Nevsky BC.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era Medieval
Year 2019 Topic Wargame
Players 2 Scale Abstract
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Nevsky 2.1.vmod Module 89.01 MB 2022-04-28 3.6.6 Brian Reynolds Joel Toppen, Gabriele Callari
Nevsky 2.0.vmod Module 76.11 MB 2022-04-16 3.6.6 Brian Reynolds Joel Toppen, Gabriele Callari
Nevsky 2.0 Beta1.vmod Module 76.12 MB 2022-04-14 3.6.6 Brian Reynolds Joel Toppen, Gabriele Callari
Nevsky 2.0.Alpha1.vmod Module 74 MB 2022-03-17 3.6.5 Brian Reynolds Joel Toppen, Gabriele Callari
Nevsky v1-2-5.vmod Module 13 MB 2020-09-28 3.3.2 Joel Toppen Gabriele Callari
Nevsky v1-2-4.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2020-07-28 3.3.2 Joel Toppen Gabriele Callari
Nevsky v1-2-3.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2020-07-27 3.3.2 Joel Toppen Gabriele Callari
Nevsky v1-2-2.vmod Module 13 MB 2020-05-01 3.2.17 Joel Toppen Gabriele Callari
Nevsky v1-2-1.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2020-04-25 3.2.17 Joel Toppen Gabriele Callari
Nevsky v1-2.vmod Module 13.04 MB 2020-01-24 3.2.17 Joel Toppen
Nevsky v1-1.vmod Module 12.86 MB 2020-01-12 3.2.17 Joel Toppen
Nevsky v1.vmod Module 12.62 MB 2019-12-07 3.2.17 Joel Toppen


Version 2.1 corrects a problem where mouse rollover could reveal opponent's flipped cards

Version 2.0 version now available! This is a complete remake of the module and does several things quite differently from the earlier version. Please click the "How to Play" button on the module's toolbar for more information on how to use the module.

Version 1.2.5 corrects a service rating on Aleksandr's vassals, Andreas' Lithuanian auxiliary vassal renamed "Lettgallian."

Version 1.2.4 corrects a duplicate vassal of Heinrich.

Version 1.2.3 adds a Notes window and corrects starting forces for a vassal of Andreas von Felben.

Version 1.2.2 restores Solo player in the scenarios (it was removed by mistake in version 1.2.1).

Version 1.2.1 does some minor editing related to the vassal pieces (one was without image and there were some duplicates in scenario setups).

Version 1.2 fixes a bug with the Vladislav mat. Ravaged and Castle counters now stack with Conquered counters. Scenario setups now included!

For Version 1.2 -- please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions:

1. I’ve made the Lords mats window into private windows which do not report anything. This is the default starting location of all Lord mats. The reason is so that users can use the hidden Lords option. Use right-click function to send Lords mat to the main map display if you do not wish to use the private windows option.

2. There is a space for each Lord mat to the right and left of the map. I’ve also made ghosted images of capability and event above each Lord space so users can see where to drag AoW cards.

3. Right-click on Lord mat to send Vassal tile, create starting forces, transportation, coin, provender, etc. NOTE: There is no rule-enforcement in the module, so players will be expected to know the rules and not rely on the module. In other words, you may be able to generate illegal pieces on some Lord mats.

4. Right-click on forces to convert into their game counter version.

5. In the bottom left and bottom right corner of the board there are 6 rectangular spaces. It is into these spaces that players can drag command cards from their command window. Be sure cards are face-down before dragging here. From these spaces the card owners can flip face-up during play.

6. Ctrl-C key command on Lord and Vassal tiles will send the tile to the turn track. NOTE: right-click may show command to be grayed out. This is because of how I had to error-trap for cases when there are fewer turns in the game than the service length of that lord/vassal – but the keyboard command WILL still work.

7. Battlefield display is made to accommodate cylinders, not mats. Hopefully this works. The Lord mats are not draggable. Enjoy!

Known bugs with version 1.2 None yet.

© GMT Games 2019; Volko Ruhnke Design

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