Module:Next War: Poland

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Next War Poland Medium.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2017 Topic European Theater
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Next_War_Poland_2nd_Edition_v2.1.vmod Module 29.41 MB 2023-08-25 3.6.19 Tsnouffer
Nwss3 vassal.vmod Module 28.63 MB 2023-01-18 3.6.10 cgmoubray
NW_Poland_1.3.vmod Module 26.88 MB 2019-08-07 3.2.17 zhodani cgmoubray
NW_Poland_1.2.vmod Module 26.87 MB 2019-07-28 3.2.17 zhodani cgmoubray
NW_Poland_1.1.vmod Module 25.35 MB 2018-05-01 3.2.17 zhodani zhodani
NW_Poland_1.0.vmod Module 25.19 MB 2017-11-06 3.2.17 zhodani zhodani


Version 2.1 notes

Added 2e play aids and Island Map. Note: HQ and Helo ranges are not enabled for the Island Map.

Version 1.3 notes

Corrected error in Tactical Surprise Setup (CMD units not deployed)

Version 1.2 notes

Added counters from Supplement #2

Added Air Detection counters from Supplement #1

Replaced NATO & US Setup PAC with errata version

US Army ABCTs are now in a random draw deck on the Strategic Display.

Added initial setups for Strategic Surprise, Tactical Surprise & Extended Buildup

Removed duplicate Su-22 counters from Polish OOB (they should have x2, not x4)

Added third Mi-24 to Russian OOB

Changed silhouette on the Polish MiG-29 counters (they were Su-27s)

Version 1.1 notes

Added missing track counters for Polish and Belarus Destroyed Airbase markers and fixed Russian SU-34 (0) aircraft.

Also added the collateral damage markers and Helo Close Support and Strike markers to the Marker pull down menu.

Version 1.0 notes

First thing I would like to say that this has been a group effort to get this module off the ground. Without all the help the designer and developers provided I never would have been able to complete this module up to a decent standard. That said any errors contained in the module are my own and simply email me if you find any mistakes. I'll be only too happy to make the changes.

Some things you might like to know about module.

  • The number one and most important thing here is what to do if you accidently draw a ground combat unit you didn't mean to pull. All you have to do is left click on unit to select and then press Ctrl-Alt-shift-X on your keyboard, this will delete it. This was done this way as there are some marker units that should not be deleted as they get returned to inventory etc.
  • I've gotten rid of the Game Record Track button on the tool bar... it is now all part of the Strategic Map just like in the game. Everything on this map/chart has markers that move by you simply dragging them or right clicking on them to bring up a pull down menu so you can select where they go. Simply select return to inventory and this tracking markers will stack on the left side of this map (you will see this).
  • More importantly on the upper right of the Strategic map is the turn phase Track. To move this you simply click on the "Next Phase Box" and this will advance the marker. This will rotate all away to end and then it goes back to the beginning to start a new turn.
  • On the Tool Bar line is a button that is a grey scale picture of a combat unit. Selecting this will hide all combat units. This is so you can see at a glance what objectives are pending control OR are controlled to make it easy for you to find them and count up Victory points.
  • Any Marker on the Strategic map for keeping track of Weather and such, all you have to do is right click on them and a pull down menu will appear for you to move them up or down the scale/track line.
  • There have been no scenarios made because a lot of this requires free setup, so note that on the Tool Bar you have four random draw boxes (USAF random air, NATO random draw, NATO random air, Baltic reserve draw), I left enough room on these map windows to draw counters to, the red box you see is the random draw cup (so to speak), once you have sorted your counters on the map simply drag them to the red square area and they will mix up for later drawing in game.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope you enjoy the game and module.

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