Module:No Retreat! The North African Front

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2013 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length short Series No Retreat series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
The North African Front
NoRetreat2-1.0.2.vmod module 12.24 MB 2015-11-04 3.2.15
NoRetreat2-1.0.1.vmod module 11.86 MB 2015-11-03 3.2.15
NoRetreat2-1.0.vmod module 11.86 MB 2015-09-05 3.2.15
The Invasion of Crete
NoRetreat2Crete-1.1.vmod module 14.94 MB 2017-06-24 3.2.17
NoRetreat2Crete-1.0.vmod module 14.33 MB 2014-01-19 3.2.10

Module Information

Maintainer bdgza
Contributors bdgza


The Invasion of Crete 1.1

  • Added transparent paradrop overlay for map
  • Added CA and CR marker
  • Fixed errata on card C04
  • Detachments can now flip to their cross/roundel side
  • Added a unit loss (numeric) counter window to keep track of losses
  • Added "Out of Play" command to all units to send to out of play window
  • Fixed bug where applying a loss to a unit was reported as recover
  • Changed graphics of counters

The North African Front 1.0.2

Fix for the maps:

  • Maps 1-4 contained wrong text in the Strategic Reserve Box. Has been corrected to match the (correct) printed maps.

The North African Front 1.0.1

Fixes to Sunflower scenario setup:

  • Changed Allied and Axis supply to 4 and 6 respectively
  • Changed initiative to Axis

The North African Front 1.0

Initial release.

The Invasion of Crete 1.0

Notes on cards --

  • Either player may look at either hand, but only the owning player can manipulate the hand
  • A masked card shows a green border to the owner (and the card back to others) -- an unmasked card has no border
  • Drawn cards are automatically masked -- discarded cards are automatically revealed
  • Cards should be drawn using the Draw Card buttons in the hand
  • The Turn 14 button in the toolbar removes card C12 from play (wherever it is), it will signal if the Draw Pile needs a reshuffle

Notes on counters --

  • All units for setup are placed on the Setup sheets in the Allies Setup and Axis Setup windows
  • Paradrop markers are attached to Axis paratrooper units. Use the right-click menu to remove them
  • The assigned number of Target/Counterblow and support markers should be taken from the Player Mat each turn, and placed somewhere on the map
  • Target/Counterblow and support markers can can be cleaned up during the Housekeeping phase by using the Housekeeping button in the toolbar, so they are moved back to the Userd Markers Holding Box on the Player Mat
  • No Supply and Axis Control markers can be placed by right-clicking on a friendly unit. The marker should be deleted manually.

Notes on optional counters --

  • Optional convoy markers from C3i can be found in the markers list and should be manually created/deleted
  • Optional Commando and CSS markers for the Allies can be found at the bottom of the Allies Setup window

Notes on Boxes --

  • The Boxes window is only visible to the Allied player
  • Units camouflaged should be placed around boxes in the Boxes window, the units positions are not given to the Axis player
  • Before placing the camouflaged units on the map the Allied player can use the toolbar menu in the Boxes window to report the camouflaged unit positions without moving them

Screen Shots


  • bdgza
  • Pierre Miranda
  • Hank Burkhalter (Live VASSAL)