Module:No Such Mercy

From Vassal
Publisher Web Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 2 Scale Miniatures
Length 30 minutes


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Tank.pdf Tanking Characters 124 KB 2011-08-30 PDF
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Module Information

Maintainer Matthew Hartman
Contributors Matthew Hartman


Welcome to the wonderfully wicked world of No Such Mercy. You will take control of five of the most vicious challengers to ever step into the NSM ring. This is a game based on using a team to its fullest potential to purge the other team of the nasty breathing habit they’ve developed. These characters fight for their own reasons, but have put their petty squabbling aside so you may lead them to victory in the arena and earn vast riches (with a lion’s share for you, the team owner)

(This game is still heavily in development. If any rules, characters, or situations are confusing, wrong, broken, or unfair please let me know at Any input is highly appreciated.

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